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G. Loomis NRX Saltwater Fly Rod

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$794.99 to $899.99
SKU: F13944

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

G. Loomis NRX Saltwater Fly Rods are the ultimate in extreme performance, thanks to a proprietary, high-tech, nano-silica resin system and the genius of rod designer, Steve Rajeff. These rods have an unbelievable strength-to-weight ratio and can handle everything from bonefish to small tuna. G. Loomis NRX Saltwater Fly Rods area everything you want in a saltwater fly rod and more!

Tarpon anglers, especially those traveling to far off places, really appreciate the 4-piece construction. Wind is not problem given the fast tapers and stiff design that create incredibly tight loops for long, accurate casts, even in the wind. Ranging from a sneaky powerful 7-weight, all the way up to the tarpon lover's 12-weight, there isn't a fish on the flats or in the tidewater you can't handle. Small tuna, big Cobia, even striped and white marlin are no match for the strength and power of NRX.

  • Four-piece blank
  • Ultra light
  • Includes protective rod sock and travel tube
  • Translucent green rod blanks with green and silver thread wraps
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

G. Loomis NRX Saltwater Fly Rods are made in the U.S.A.

Specific Rod Details

NRX 1087-4 - Here's where fly rods begin the crossover from fresh to salt. This dynamic "tweener" is a great choice for almost any saltwater flats species. Looking for a small steelhead rod or a great pond rod for big largemouth? Ditto. NRX makes it so light and so powerful it will surprise you. It's totally capable of handling oversized surprises no matter where you're fishing. Looking for a bigger challenge in the salt or a great all-around freshwater rod for bigger fish, this is a good as a 7-weight gets.

NRX 1088-4 - The standard by which all light-duty saltwater fly rods and heavy-duty freshwater rods are measured will soon be changing. This smooth casting 8-weight will quickly become our #1 9-foot fly rod for fishing the flats as well as steelhead. It has the versatility and quickness of a much lighter rod but with more power than you can imagine. Tight loops and great range in such a lightweight package makes this our top choice for bonefish, permit, snook, stripers, blues, salmon, steelhead, pike and any number of big fish. They just don't make a better rod than this – anywhere.

NRX 1089-4 - When you need power yet lightweight, especially to cast bigger flies in the wind, make longer casts and handle bigger fish, this maybe the new standard in 9-weight rods. It will handle almost any larger saltwater species - except maybe for tarpon and our field testers are having so much fun trying to land on we haven't heard back from them yet! Permit, barracuda, jacks, big reds, stripers, blues, false albies - you name it. It's got the range as well as the power to handle large, wind-resistant freshwater bass flies and the biggest bass on the planet as well.

NRX 10810-4 - This is, without a doubt, the lightest, most powerful 10-weight we've ever made. It will cast big flies, handle big fish and give you the range needed to cover a lot of water, especially on windy days when a lot of fly anglers are thinking it's time to go home. Add in a super amount of lifting power and you've got a great rod for species like big permit, big dorados, cobia and even small pelagics. It's all about power and yet it's so light you won't believe it. If you're into insanely big fish on a fly rod and you want to test your mettle, this is your rod.

NRX 10811-4 - When you talk finesse in a fly rod, it usually refers to trout fishing. But when it comes to the saltwater scene, the topic quickly moves towards the flats. For days when the tarpon are contrary and you need to use longer leaders, small flies and make quiet presentations, this is the rod. NRX graphite makes it insanely light and so powerful it will quickly get your attention. When you want those big silver kings to tire out before you do, this rod can and will do the job. A great option for small billfish as well.

NRX 10812-4 - You might find it hard to imagine a rod lighter and more powerful than our CrossCurrent GLX tarpon rod, but this unbelievable 12-weight will change your thinking. When the need raw power, this is the rod. When the need is casting all day long and still be ready for more, this is the rod. When the need is pressure on a big "poon" - this is definitely the rod. Bottom line? When the target is big fish - tarpon on the flats, cobia on the beach or striped marlin offshore - this rod will do everything you ask of it and more. It's scary light, sneaky strong and casts like a 10-weight.

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