G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Greenwater Spinning Rod

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G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Greenwater Spinning Rods are not your normal shallow-water rods, these rods are high performance casting rods designed to fish in the skinny water where the fish come to eat. There are a few models here that are designed for bigger fish and a little deeper water. They're all lightweight, sensitive and sneaky powerful!

G. Loomis puts these rods in three groups. The standard Greenwater rods (GWR) for fishing live or cut bait; the popping Greenwater rods (GWPR) for bait or small soft plastics and the "magnum taper" Greenwater rods (GWMR) for fishing spoons, soft plastic jerkbaits and jigs.

G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Greenwater Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.

Specific Rod Details

GWR 782S - A light duty spinning rod for fishing shrimp, small spoons or light jigs, it has a nice soft tip with a moderate-fast taper that provides protection for lighter line. It has a powerful butt-section to help with the hookset and keep the pressure on whatever eats your bait. This is a great rod for specks, flounder and other skittish skinny water critters.

GWMR 783S - A 6'6" fast-action spinning rod designed to fish soft plastics and jigs around heavy cover for snook, redfish and small tarpon where tight quarters dictate the need for a shorter rod. It has a very powerful butt-section and medium-heavy tip so it is a great choice for fishing weedless rigs like soft jerkbaits where you need to drive the hook through the plastic and into the fish. A lot like fishing a plastic worm for bass.

GWPR 842S - A light duty popping rod designed to fish shrimp or small jigs in shallow water applications. The upper half of this rod is very soft and forgiving to allow anglers to drop lightly weighted shrimp in front of cruising bonefish and specks with minimal splash... with or without a popping cork. It's made with G. Loomis's proprietary fiber blend technology which provides an excellent balance of sensitivity and lightweight.

GWPR 843S - A spinning style popping rod designed to fish shrimp or soft plastics for bonefish, small reds and specks in shallow water. It offers a bit more power, allowing you to fish slightly heavier line and a little closer to the cover. It is made with G. Loomis's fiber blend technology which provides an excellent balance of sensitivity and lightweight.

GWR 9000S - An exceptional all around spinning rod designed to fish soft plastics, light jigs and spoons where long casts are necessary for success. This is a powerful rod that will handle redfish, permit and snook. Whether you wade or fish from a boat this rod gives you positive hooksets and total fish-fighting control thanks to the magnum taper and strong butt-section. You can hold this rod, with the tip up and just slowly shake it to create an unbelievable "dog walking" action with almost any stick bait.

GWR 901S - A more powerful spinning rod designed to fish live bait and soft plastics, it makes a really good choice for the deeper flats and bigger fish. It is a good choice for permit, small jacks and big reds. It will handle small crabs and has enough power to handle those oversized surprises. Made with G. Loomis's fiber blend technology, it is light and sensitive!

GWR 930S - A good choice for fishing shrimp and soft plastics in clear water where you need to stay back off the fish. It works exceptionally well for "fly lining" live bait to spooky fish and will give you excellent casting range and accuracy. When the bite gets tough and downsizing your bait seems your only alternative, this rod can handle it.

GWR 981S - A powerful rod for fishing bigger baits and up to 20-pound line, this rod will cast a jig or a small pinfish a country mile and there's plenty of power left to set the hook and handle fish from long distance. Whether you're pitching crabs to cruising permit or casting spoons for big reds, this rod will keep you in total control. It's made with G. Loomis's fiber blend technology creating a nice blend of power, light weight and sensitivity.

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5/10/2017 12:00:00 am

Rod met all of my expectations and more

by jbender5

The rod performed exceptional. I was able to land bluefish in the river up to 34" with no problem. The rod is lightweight and was able to throw 7/8 ounce swim baits with distance and accuracy.