G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Greenwater Casting Rod

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G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Greenwater Casting Rods are not your normal shallow-water rods, these rods are high performance casting rods designed to fish in the skinny water where the fish come to eat. There are a few models here that are designed for bigger fish and a little deeper water. They're all light weight, sensitive and sneaky powerful!

G. Loomis puts these rods in three groups The "standard" Greenwater rods (GWR) for fishing live or cut bait; the "popping" Greenwater rods (GWPR) for bait or small soft plastics and the "magnum taper" Greenwater rods (GWMR) for fishing spoons, soft plastic jerkbaits and jigs.

G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Greenwater Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.

Specific Rod Details

GWMR 783C - A fast-action casting rod designed to fish soft jerkbaits, small jigs and live bait. A great choice for fishing in close cover and around the mangroves for snook, small stripers and redfish, it has plenty of reserve power to keep big fish away from trouble. If you like to fish topwater baits, this would make a great choice!

GWMR 843C - A fast-action casting rod designed to fish soft jerkbaits, jigs and live bait. It's a good choice for fishing the edges of cover for those saltwater species that invade shallow water flats such as snook, schoolie stripers or redfish. The 7-foot length allows you to make longer casts and fish slightly deeper water. It is unbelievably strong and has plenty of power to handle big fish, surprisingly big fish if you're lucky enough to hook up.

GWPR 843C - A medium-light casting rod designed to fish shrimp or soft plastics for bonefish, small reds and specks in shallow water with sufficient power to fish the edges of the cover. It is made with our proprietary "fiber blend technology" which gives you a nice blend of sensitivity and light weight.

GWR 901CA - A little more powerful casting rod designed to fish live bait, it makes a really good choice for the deeper flats and bigger fish. You might call this an oversized popping rod, but it has a faster action. It is a good rod for permit, Crevelle jacks and big reds. It will handle small crabs and baitfish. Made with our "fiber blend technology", it has good sensitivity and is very light!

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