G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod

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The G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod delivers anglers top-performing saltwater action in a sleek package. Featuring quality components, full cork handles, and multi-taper action. Multi-taper action offers you a lightweight, sensitive rod with precise action and flex for a wide range of applications and presentations. Strong and balanced, this rod has enough backbone to tame the largest of species but is still sensitive enough to feel the tiniest of nibbles from smaller species.

  • Ideal for saltwater applications
  • Sensitive and lightweight, but strong enough for larger species
  • Features multi-taper technology
  • E6X blank material
  • Full cork handle

The G. Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod is made in the U.S.A.

Specific Rod Details

E6X 842S MF: A 7-foot, moderate-fast spinning rod designed to fish smaller baits. Also an excellent option for split-shotting or fly-lining live shrimp. When the conditions demand it this rod will protect the light line necessary for success. It offers a subtle power in the butt-section that will help you land surprisingly large fish. An excellent choice for wade fishing the flats when stealth is the only option. It will handle monofilament ranging from 6 to 12-pound test and lures or baits up to 1/2 ounce. Want to add a small popping cork'It will handle that rig nicely.

E6X 843S MF: When you need a little more power to fish slightly larger baits, this 7-footer will not only allow you to use a little heavier line, but it will handle larger fish and keep you out of trouble in heavier cover. It features a moderate-fast taper with strong butt-section. Whether you're fishing for snook, bonefish, small snappers, schoolie stripers or bluefish, with live bait under a popping cork or soft plastics, this rod will handle the challenge. It fishes monofilament up to 14-pound test and will handles lures or baits up to 5/8 ounces.

E6X 843S F: A 7-foot, fast-action spinning rod designed to fish soft plastics and jigs on the flats or deep-water cuts where you may need a little more power to be successful. They offer very powerful butt-sections to move fish towards the boat with a nice tip for casting distance and control. If you're the kind of angler that enjoys catching big fish on light line, this is a true gem. Rated for monofilament line ranging from 8 to 14-pound test and lures up to 5/8 ounces, it's a great, light-duty spinning rod with an attitude.

E6X 843S MGM: If you're a fan of our old and reliable LR842S GL2, live bait rod, then you're gonna love this E6X version. It's built to fish cut bait, live bait and or some smaller lures for virtually any shallow water species where you need a little heavier line or lure. It's rated for 8 - 17 pound test line and lures up to 1.5 ounces. It's not super stiff, but it has a powerful butt section with a magnum-moderate taper that is powerful, yet forgiving. A great all around saltwater spinning rod!

E6X 844S F: Now we're getting into a little more power in the spin category. This 7-footer is rated for 10 - 17 pound and that extra power and fast action make it a perfect choice for larger soft plastics and jigs up to 3/4 ounces. It's a perfect choice for fishing artificials for snook, stripers, bluefish or permit. The fast taper provides a very positive hookset and when you need to rig your plastics weedless, will generate enough tip-speed to shock that hook through the bait and into the fish. A very powerful, yet lightweight rod for any number of shallow water techniques.

E6X 845S MGM: A powerful 7-foot spinning rod designed to fish live-bait, cut-bait or small to medium lures and jigs, this is the new E6X version of our ever popular LR844S GL2 bay rod. It's designed to fish inshore in slightly deeper water for large species like tarpon, cobia, small groupers and sharks. It's rated for lures up to 2.25 ounces and will handle lines in the 12 - 25 pound range. If you're looking for a rod that can handle big fish in a lightweight package, this is the one!

E6X 902S XF: An exceptional all around, medium-light spinning rod designed with an extra-fast taper to fish soft plastics, light jigs and spoons where long casts are necessary for success. This is a sneaky powerful rod that will handle most inshore species. Whether you wade or fish from a boat this rod gives you positive hooksets and total fish-fighting control thanks to the magnum taper and a strong butt-section. At 7 '6", it will allow you to cast into the next time zone and handle any oversized surprise. It's rated for 6 - 12 pound test line and lures up to 1/2 ounce. A great choice for larger flats fish whether you're on the bonefish flats, the striper grounds or pitching to redfish in the marshes.

E6X 903S XF: A more powerful, 7' 6" spinning rod designed to fish live bait and soft plastics. It features an extra-fast taper for fishing the deeper flats and targeting bigger fish. It is a good choice for permit, stripers, bluefish and big reds. It will handle small crabs and has enough power to manage those oversized surprises. Made with our new "E6X technology", it is surprisingly light considering the medium power-rating and has that special G.Loomis sensitivity! It's rated for 8 - 14 line and lures ranging up to 5/8-ounce.

E6X 904S F: Need a little more casting range and enough power for a long-range hookset then this is the answer. Same line and lure ratings as our 844 fast-action spinning rod, this one has an extra 6-inches of tip that will extend your casts and help you battle those large saltwater surprises. A nice choice for larger redfish, small stripers, snook, permit and any other of the shallow water critters that inhabit the inshore environment. Light, powerful and dependable.

E6X 964S MF: Here's a powerful 8-foot spinning rod designed for larger fish whether you're fishing heavy cover or deeper, more open water. It's moderate-fast taper allows you to pitch live bait, cut bait or lures at moderate depths and provides excellent control for jigging spoons or casting hard baits. The extra length provides more casting distance and better hooksets in deep or shallow water. It will handle up to 20-pound test line and lures ranging from 3/8 - 1-ounce.

E6X 966S MF: Here's a magnum, big fish rod capable of handling everything from tarpon to grouper. It's medium-fast action provides a lot of lifting power while still having enough flex to help you fight the fish effectively. At 8-feet, it will give you plenty of casting range along with positive hooksets, deep or shallow!

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