Frabill Super-Gro Worm Bedding

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Product Details

Product Details

Frabill Super-Gro Worm Bedding keeps worms lively all year round. This bedding material is a great alternative to dirt, it keeps bait cleaner and free of foul odors. Frabill Super-Gro Worm Bedding is odorless and creates a perfectly ph-balanced environment for your worms. The built in food source provides the necessary nutrients needed to sustain fresher, livelier worms. Frabill Super-Gro Worm Bedding is easy to use, simply mix one pound of bedding material with 1 1/2 quarts of water, then transfer baitworms to the top of the Super-Gro Worm Bedding.

We recommend keeping your worms in a cool, dry area at a temperature range of 40-degrees - 60-degreesF.

  • Contains a built in food source
  • Dirt free to eliminate the black substance that can stain
  • Odorless and clean to use
  • Earth friendly 100% biodegradable
  • Just add water and mix - worms can be added immediately
  • Qty. per pack: 2 lbs.

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Its good


Keeps worms cooler in hot weather while fishing. And is a clean material ,better than soil, worms like it I am sold on it .great product in my opinion