Frabill Fat & Sassy Worm Bedding

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Product Details

Product Details

Frabill Fat & Sassy Worm Bedding allows you to keep a supply of healthy live bait on hand for extended periods of time. This is maintenance free worm bedding. Simply put the worm bedding in a bait box, then carefully transfer the worms into the bait box. Frabill Fat & Sassy Worm Bedding is scientifically formulated with food supplements designed to maximize live bait health and conditioning for up to 30 days. One pound of Frabill's Fat & Sassy Worm Bedding will effectively support up to three dozen night crawlers or nine dozen smaller worms.

We recommend keeping your worms in a cool, dry area at a temperature range of 40-degrees - 60-degreesF.

  • Pre-mixed, no water needed
  • No molding or spoiling
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Built in food source
  • Also works well with saltwater blood, clam, and sand worms
  • Qty. per pack: 2 1/2 lbs.

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