Frabill Crawler Cabin

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SKU: F12012


Frabill Crawler Cabins are a great way to keep your worms cool and lively for a fishing day trip. The fiberboard construction absorbs water, then acts like a cooler keeping the bedding and bait cool for a days fishing. Prior to use, simply soak the container in water until saturated, then add bedding material and worms. Crawlers should be transferred from the Frabill Crawler Cabin to a habitat system for storage between trips. To prevent moisture damage, the Frabill Crawler Cabin should be allowed to dry thoroughly before being put away for storage.

The Frabill Crawler Cabins feature molded edges that will not rust from repeated soakings. The double locking single access door stays securely closed with the sliding latches. The small Frabill Crawler Cabin will hold approximately 1 - 2 dozen crawlers. The large Frabill Crawler Cabin will hold approximately 4 - 5 dozen crawlers.

  • Great for day trips, not intended for long term storage
  • Fiberboard construction
  • Double locking single door access
  • Molded edges won't rust
  • Durable galvanized steel construction

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In my experience, not a reliable worm prison...


Bought one of these (not from FishUSA). The worms escaped repeatedly, despite my careful attempts to block all visible exits in this poorly constructed item. The fibre sections were loose and had gaps - I found and blocked all the visible gaps (there were several) but in the end the worms kept escaping. I don't know if this is a common problem, but my item being unrepairable, I tossed it in the trash.