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FishUSA Cortland Endurance Noodle Rod

5 Reviews
$79.99 to $89.99
Item No.: F17547

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Built on the blank design of one of the most popular noodle rods ever made, FishUSA now brings you the FishUSA Cortland Endurance Noodle Rod! Designed for serious steelhead anglers, this rod combines function, style, and affordability. This light action noodle rod utilizes a 100% graphite blank construction, so you can feel every subtle nibble. The long and supple rod should be paired with a light line, so you can create very delicate presentations for salmon and steelies. You can also target trout and panfish with this rod. It is the ideal option for float or drift fishing or if you enjoy bouncing flies. Built to meet the demands of Great Lakes steelhead anglers, this fishing rod is outfitted with aluminum oxide guides and a premium cork handle, making it an incredible value.

  • 100% graphite blank construction
  • Sensitive tip action
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • Premium cork grip
  • Stainless hood reel seat
  • Tip-over-butt ferrule construction
  • Manufacturer's one year limited warranty


Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

9/13/2019 8:25 am

Great Rod!

by Ken

This is a fantastic great noodle rod for the price. Perfect for Erie tributaries.

10/9/2019 9:39 pm

Same Endurance Blank


Great rod for the money and it's the same blank as the old Cortland Endurance Rods that were discontinued years ago. This rod is great for steelhead or panfish. It's not a better rod than a Loomis, Lamiglas or St. Croix but they're tough to beat for the price.

10/20/2019 9:00 pm

2 broken tips in 2 days of fishing

by Tom

First cast, I snagged my lure. Pulled straight back like you're supposed to, and the tip of the rod nearly exploded. Fish USA send me another one. Next attempt, as I was taking the rod out of my car, the new tip snapped easier than a pretzel stick. I'm terrified to think about how this brittle rod would perform with a 10 pound fish on it. I look at it funny, and it breaks. QC on this thing has to be terrible.

9/13/2020 11:07 pm

A wonderful little noodle rod. Inland trout slayer

by Brady

Makes a wonderful float rod for inland trout, 1-3# leader line. Theres no way the tip explodes freeing a snag unless you did something stupid. lmfao And how could the tip just snap taking it out of the car?? You obviously did something? I do believe this rod is a bit to light for steelhead and I wouldnt even consider salmon with it. Just stick within the line ratings. I would rate it as a solid 2-6# moderate action noodle. Dont let one shoty review stear you away from this rod. It's a wonderful rod and for the price it cant be beat. Wish they made it with a 16-20" straight cork handle with sliding rings and lite wire guides like recoils or flexilights. Ide buy 10. That's what we do to them and it's a pain stripping and rebuilding but SO worth it. LOVE this blank.

10/9/2020 7:23 pm

OK, but not great

by G2

Not a bad rod, but I bought a Daiwa for about the same price and it's half the weight. Compared to other noodle rods this thing is heavy. This rod doesn't seem top be balanced correctly.