Eagle Claw Clear Steelhead Floats

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Product Details

Product Details

The Eagle Claw Clear Steelhead Floats are constructed of clear plastic making them nearly invisible in the water. The tops are painted with hi-vis paints for excellent visibility above water. The Eagle Claw Clear Steelhead Floats feature a hole through the bottom stem that allows you to thread your line through for extra secure placement on the line.

  • Length: 3 1/4 in. - Supporting Weight: 3.5 g
  • Length: 4 in. - Supporting Weight: 4 g
  • Length: 4 1/8 in. - Supporting Weight: 7 g
  • Length: 4 1/2 in. - Supporting Weight: 8.8 g

Qty. per Pack

  • 3 1/4, 4, 4 1/8, 4 1/2 in.: 2 plus 4 rubber tubing
  • Red Assortment Pack: One each of 3 1/4, 4, 4 1/8 in. plus 6 rubber keepers
  • Yellow Assortment Pack: One each of 3 1/4, 4, 4 1/8, 4 1/2 in. plus 8 rubber keepers

Ratings & Reviews

5 Reviews

Simple and effective


Really like these floats. They are easily secured to the line with two short pieces of soft plastic tube on top and bottom of float slid onto the line before attaching hook or jig. You can easily slide the float up or down the line to change depth without removing the tubes and the float is inline with the mainline. Easy to cast with minimum tangles.

good floats


great floats at a reasonable price


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Excellent floating

Eagle claw clear steelhead floats

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Use them all the time for steelhead and trout they hold up better than the Sheffield these floats don't crack but the do have larger stems but I never had an issues with that my self

Not Worth The discount Price

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I bought these thinking they were essentially the same as the Sheffields. They are not. The plastic float caps they come with are laughable and worthless. Spend the extra 50 cents and get the Sheffields.