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EGO S2 Lure Retriever

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An EGO S2 Lure Retriever may pay for itself quickly and repeatedly in lures saved! Rescue your favorite lures from costly hang-ups using the handle on your S2 Slider or S1 Genesis fishing nets. The EGO lure retrieval tool attaches to these compatible net handles and features a shovel-shaped rounded edge to dig under your lure or scrape it off rock and wood. Removable chains on either side of the shovel tip can grab onto hooks if you can't scrape or dig your lure free.

The thin slot in the shovel end is your centerline guide; run your line through it and push the bait retriever down to your lure. "A lure saved is a lure earned," or something like that, right? Invest in an EGO S2 Lure Retriever once right now, and the net handle attachment will repay you over and over again!

  • The tool that saves money by saving snagged lures
  • Lure retriever attaches to any S2 Slider and S1 Genesis net handles
  • Centerline guide
  • Removable chains
  • Round tip to protect lures