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Drennan Piker Crystal Pike Floats

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Item No.: F10239


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

The Drennan Crystal Piker Float may be just the edge you need to be successful during a trip for steelhead and salmon. This float is made of clear plastic with its shape allowing a clean strike with minimal disturbance at the surface of the water. This heavy-duty float is great for large, deep rivers.

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Great float

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Have used several of these floats in both 28g and 40g. I prefer the 40g as they float better with heavier weights when drifting into a big hole. I cannot give 5 stars because one of five floats that I recently purchased filled with water right out of the box. Have not had this problem before.

Best float for fast rivers

by -

This float is a great substitute for my favorite Drennan float for steelheads, the loafer float. This float is easier than the loafer float in regards to adjusting depth. Rides higher than the loafer float. However, since the float is much bigger and has more air, it does create more resistance once pulled under water, which may spook some steelheads. Otherwise, this is my go to for fast moving waters. I recommend the loafer floats for slower moving creeks.

Drennan Piker float

by -

I found the float to be less wind resistant, making it reach out farther. Durable and true to it's gram weight, I added tubbing at the exit hole to soften the shock of bead-swivel.

Drennan Piker

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Great float for pike fishing. invisible to the fish, especially close to the shore.

Excellent float

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Excellent floats. The 24 and 28 g are great for Salmon and Steelhead in the fast, deep runs of the lower Niagara River.