Drennan Loafer Floats

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Product Details

For those "low and clear" days out on the stream, the Drennan Loafer Floats may be just the edge you need to be successful. The Drennan Loafer float is made of clear plastic with its shape allowing a clean strike with minimal disturbance at the surface of the water. This float is also popular for use in shallow fast flowing water. Each float is marked with a gram weight on the side. This weight is not the weight of the float itself, but rather the amount of weight in grams that the float will support.

These are "loose" floats, meaning they do not come in a separate package. The rubber float caps used to attach the float to the fishing line are sold separately.

Ratings & Reviews

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nonpareil on low/low flow streams

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It is very stealthy and quiet. Will not "bang" into logs and rocks.

Great Floats

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Great for steelhead in the tribs.


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One of the bedt flostd

Super Floats. Wouldn't use any other!

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Easy to track in a stream. Won't spook fish! Wish I could find on line at another retailer. Make certain to purchase silicon sleeves to attach float to line.

castable, sensitive, well made

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I was first given the 8g float by a friend visiting from Europe. After the first use, float fishing for smallmouth buffalo in approx 10 fow with slight river current, i was sold on its ease of use and its sensitivity. I immediately ordered the rest of the sizes and have used them with great results in both stillwater and river applications. most recently used in a freshwater lake during a heavily chop, rigged as a slip float fishing the outside edges of lily pads for pumpkinseeds. I recommend a good set of shot, as proper shotting enables this float to shine.