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DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line - 300m

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This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line offers a higher breaking strength, less memory, and splendid abrasion resistance. Thanks to the smooth surface of the monofilament, knots will pull very tight and compact, and the line glides through the water effortlessly. Tectan Superior Monofilament Line features a near zero stretch and a super smooth surface with a proven special UV protective treatment. DAM used the same low visibility yellow-green color that is so characteristic for Tectan in this new Tectan Superior Line.

  • UV-protective surface treatment
  • Low visibility, adaptive yellow-green color
  • Silk smooth surface for limited resistance
  • Ultra-strong knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Optimized abrasion resistance
  • Removable hard plastic case assists in line spooling

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Not what I expected

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I used the #15 as main line, worked well initially, but only after 1 day if fishing the coating was gone, has poor abrasion resistance; Lost 2 silver salmons/coho at @6 pounds right after hooking them as the line snapped, lost the spoons as well; Bought the line based on reviews, very disappointed ; had cheaper monoline that performed way better than this. I removed it from the spool after I lost the 2-nd fish and replace it with the old XL Smoothcast and didn't have any more issues. Too bad, I thought it's a good product.

Best for casting lures.

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I used this as my main line on my pin. I had this 12.9 main line break before my 6lb fluorocarbon leader multiple times. It always seems to be in the split shot area. I tried putting the shots on as light as possible and it always eventually breaks I believe from wear. Never had this issue when I ran 8lb trilene main line. I'd only use this line on a reel I was casting spoons with. Anything that's going to cause the smallest abrasion like split shots is eventually going to snap the line.

TecTan is superior


TecTan is hands down the best line for Bass fishing that I have encountered. The strength and flexibility is without peer. It is smaller in diameter for any given line strength than any other product on the market. It is practically invisible in the water. When discontinued by the other major source in the US I was at a loss as it is still the leadiing line in Europe. Now that FishUSA stocks it I am in heaven. Purchased twice as much as needed simply to ensure I have it in the future.

DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line

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I have used this mono for years, even before fish usa existed. small dia lets you load more on reel, especially for casting spoons.

Very Nice Line

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Started using this line years ago ice fishing and it worked great. Now its on my light rod with 6#. Gets used a lot and the line stands up to heavy use. Don't have to change it all the time like some of the cheaper stuff. Good break strenght and very small diameter compared to the others line. 6# is smaller dia than most 4# line.