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DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line - 300m

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This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line offers a higher breaking strength, less memory, and splendid abrasion resistance. Thanks to the smooth surface of the monofilament, knots will pull very tight and compact, and the line glides through the water effortlessly. Tectan Superior Monofilament Line features a near zero stretch and a super smooth surface with a proven special UV protective treatment. DAM used the same low visibility yellow-green color that is so characteristic for Tectan in this new Tectan Superior Line.

  • UV-protective surface treatment
  • Low visibility, adaptive yellow-green color
  • Silk smooth surface for limited resistance
  • Ultra-strong knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Optimized abrasion resistance
  • Removable hard plastic case assists in line spooling

TestDiameter (in.)Diameter (mm)

Eagle Claw Guides


I have always used Tectan line in my guide service. It does not disappoint under all weather conditions. I fish Norris Lake and Dale Hollow Lake for
all my Smallmouth fishing and guide trips. If you want the best only one
word describes the best. TECTAN.

8 pound test held up well for my daughter during a prolonged battle with a 6.5 pound large mouth bass. The line was not even frayed.

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DAM Tectan is an overall outstanding mono filament fishing line. I have been using it for years. It is a bit high priced, but quality is seldom inexpensive.

Thin Diameter, Strong, Low Stretch

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This is not a line for beginners. Those of you that have had problems, you need to play around with knots with this line. Tie a good knot and it is plenty strong. The best knot I have found was a Uni knot wrapped through the eye twice. If you wet your knot and slowly tighten you will retain most of your line strength. This is not a line for someone new to knots and is not overrated for weak knots like most others on the market. Feels like braid in that it cuts the wind/water well and has low stretch. Very sensitive line for jigging. Just tie a good knot or you will hate it.

Over rated breaking strength

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Got this line in .20mm/8.2lb breaking strength. Thought It will have the best diameter to strength ratio of all monos, as advertised. All I will say is that, out of the box, it's much, much easier to break by hand than my 4-year-old 8lb Trilene. What a disappointment. The .de on the pic fooled me to think it's German or Dutch made. Nope. Made in China. I do not write reviews unless I'm super impressed or unimpressed by a product.

Worst monofilament I have ever used

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I bought three spools of this line and will not use the other two. I spooled up a reel with the 8lb and was floatfishing with it. The mainline broke 3 times before my 3lb leader did, causing me to lose several floats in the process. I would not recommend this line to anyone.