DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line - 300m

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DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament Line offers a higher breaking strength, less memory, and splendid abrasion resistance. Thanks to the smooth surface of the monofilament, knots will pull very tight and compact, and the line glides through the water effortlessly. Tectan Superior Monofilament Line features a near zero stretch and a super smooth surface with a proven special UV protective treatment. DAM used the same low visibility yellow-green color that is so characteristic for Tectan in this new Tectan Superior Line.

  • UV-protective surface treatment
  • Low visibility, adaptive yellow-green color
  • Silk smooth surface for limited resistance
  • Ultra-strong knot strength
  • Low memory
  • Optimized abrasion resistance
  • Removable hard plastic case assists in line spooling

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excellent line for trout fishing. Minimal stretch and great strength for line diameter.

smooth line

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love this line


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Great line hard to get

Best monofilament line out there!

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Have been using this line for like 15 yrs now. They just keep making it better! Fish can't see it,no memory, and it casts great. As soon as I started using this line, I caught more fish! Thanks Fish USA for carrying it. I will always be a customer!

Tectan Monofiliment Fishing Line

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I've used Tectan Mono for ten years. I tested out 85% of the competetive Fishing Lines and found out that Tectan is: Smaller in Diameter, stronger, and the light green color is less visible to see in the water. Sincerely, Bob Van Karnes


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I love this line,the casting ease thinness and strength second to none.

If you use spinning reels, you WANT this line!

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Years ago I used the original blue Tectan exclusively, considering it the finest monofilament in the world, and purchased it through a well-known mail order company. Then came Tectan Premium Plus. At one point, I began have knot breaking problems. Most online reviews were very positive until around 2007 when the knot-breaking reports began to proliferate. Bought some more thinking it might have been a bad batch issue--same problem. Shortly thereafter, the company dropped the product and with a heavy heart I retired my Tectan stock to the pile of old line I use for backing (sob). Then began the awful, painful process of finding a replacement monofilament for my spinning reels. With dollar after dollar came disappointment after disappointment. Seemed that every mfr was vying for the bass fishing market dominated by casting reels with the afterthought, "Oh yeah, I guess you can use it on spinning reels too...sort of." This spring, lamenting for my lost love, I did a web search on Tectan and found they developed a new line called Superior that won an award in a major European trade show (the birthplace of spin fishing), and that it was being carried by FishUSA. So I ordered some with much anticipation hoping that DAM realized they had a serious problem and needed to fix it. What joy! My baby came back home, and better than ever. My bench testing showed that it had great knot strength. But it was also so supple and so slick. I spooled it up on my Pfleuger Arbor reels (also purchased at FishUSA) and went fishing. What a pleasure. Whisker thin, smooth as silk and tuff as nails. This stuff is so tenacious it just won't give up. The 17.6 lb line was more managable on my spinning reel than other mfr's 10-12 lb! These German chemists have cooked up the most remarkable brew of fishing line ever, strange but wonderful. Happy happy. I can say once again that Tectan is the best spin fishing monofilament in the world. Oh yeah, and it works on casting reels very well also. Tell me the last time you smiled every time you cast? If you use spinning reels, you've got to, got to get this. A couple of notes: 1). This line is so slick and abrasion resistant that typical clinch knots can have a tendency to slip--in other words, it's so slick and flexible that it doesn't even abrade to itself! Use a palomer, uni-knot or "no-name" knot (a uni-knot with the line passed through the eye twice) and you will be a very happy camper indeed (years of bench testing has led me to use the uni-knot almost exclusively anyway). 2). The claim of "near-zero stretch" is a bit of a stretch so to speak. The softer a monofilament line is, the stretchier it's going to be. We haven't managed to break the laws of physics or chemistry yet. But it's not overly stretchy, and is certainly superior in every aspect to other lines that are just as stretchy. The claims of knot strength, low abrasion and limpness are right-on and will exceed your expectations when compared to other lines that claim these features but really don't deliver. 3). Take the line test strength seriously. Most mfr's 12 lb line actually break at 15-17 lb. With Tectan Superior, 12.9 is 12.9. However, you can easily move up to higher tests than what you're used to, as in my case where the Tectan 17.6 actually behaved better and was just as thin as most all others' 12 lb. 4). I would like to see the line in clear instead of the yellow-green, but it's a very minor point in the overall scheme of things. If you spin fish, buy some today. That means right now. Don't waste time mulling it over or putting it off until tomorrow. You'll just be dragging out the drudgery of dealing with that other unmanagable stuff you currently have on your spinning reel. Take hold of your mouse, grab your credit card, go to the link on this site and buy it now. Trust me.

Tectan gets you down

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The small diameter of the tectan line gets your jig down to the bottom faster even in strong current like a power plant discharge or river.

Where have you been all my life?

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Exactly as advertised and really no need to restate the obvious: thinner, stronger, tougher, than any other mono out there. What's not to like? I'm kind of surprised it's only showing up on these scene recently. Given that it's mono, you would expect that someone would have gotten to it sooner. It really is superior. It would be nice if it came in 30 yard tippet spools, but that's easy. It would be really great as a fly fishing tippet, especially in the small diameters. Currently I have it on two baitcasters. It's great.

Excellent line

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Definitely thinner than other lines that have same weight capacity. Casting is very smooth and line visibility is minimal.

Tectan Superior Line

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I have not used this test Tectan yet but have used the next lighter test in the past and it was outstanding. Looking forward to using and guiding my younger clients with it. Jon Schuster

Buy it now.....you'll see the difference!

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Its in the name - SUPERIOR. Small diameter. Excellent strength. Purchased every size from 6.6 - 15.1 Great for drifting or trolling for shallow walleyes.

Best monofilament line money can buy

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Been using DAM Tectan lines for almost 20 years (mostly in fresh water). These lines are very strong indeed and have great abrasion resistance, very low memory, superior knot strength and low visibility in water. They also have much smaller diameter than other monofilament lines (pound per pound) which translates into more line on the spool and longer casts. Try this DAM Tectan line and, once you'll use it, you won't want to go back to the larger diameter lines!


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I've been using Tentan fishing line since the late 1980's, it a lot more expensive than all the other lines, but it worth it, I once caught over 100 lbs of largemouth bass in one day using the line. All my other rods loaded up with other lines couldn't get bit. Its hard to find now and I'm so glad that Fish USA still carry's it.

Great line

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Have used this line before and really liked it. Was difficult to find someone selling the product. I used the line for fishing king salmon on the Columbia. River. We fish from the river bank, called plunking, and toss weights from 10 to 20 oz. as far as possible. With the small diameter line one can use less weight because the resistance on the line by the water is much less. I've all ready had one friend order the same line and a few others will also order in the future. I agree with all the pros about the line and no cons.


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I have been using Tectan almost exclusively for years and love it. It has a thinner diameter than most mono, especially in the higher test range it can be 20% thinner. Tectan has great knot strength and my favorite knot is the improved clinch which I cinch tightly after applying a good coat of saliva. I have used it for Rainbows, Steelhead, Dolly Varden, Hybrid Stripers, Smallmouth, Coho, Chinook, and Cats etc. As with any mono line, after each catch, I closely inspect the first few feet of line; if there are any nicks, abrasions or discoloration showing stress I clip and retie. In my opinion it is the ultimate spin cast mono as it has very low memory after a short break in period.

Top notch line

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Small diameter hassle free line with great knot strength.

Nice limp line

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This line is very limp and does not hold memory. Seems to be pretty strong as well. I have recently switch to this after years of using maxima for everything. I'll see how it goes. It is smaller diameter and limper than maxima, so far it's better.

Tectan mono

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I use this material as tippet to build my fly-fishing leaders for trout. The strength, limpness and invisibility give me a definite advantage. I use a hard mono for the Butt section which helps turn over the cast putting the Tectan, where it counts; in front of the fish. I like using one level section for nymphing. The green tint makes it invisible to fish which helps me save money from having to buy expensive fluorocarbon.

Nice line.

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You get a thinner line at a higher strength. Durable line for ice fishing and trout fishing.

Geat Line


This line has a small diameter with great strength. I've used for almost every species the Rockies have to offer and I've loved it. In the cold it remained limp and transfers bites well.

Finally! I found it!

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I have used tectan line for about 15 years now. I bought it in bulk back in the 90s, but haven't been able to find it in the United States for some time now (was just about out of my stash). I happened upon this line at good ol' Fish USA and immediately bought 3 spools. If you have never tried this line, you need to. It is absolutely the best walleye jigging line on the market. The heavier weights work wonders for casting cranks too. I will be back to buy more, so you better get yours soon.

Tectan Superior

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I have used this line from catching trout, to bass, to crappie, and to catfish. I have put it under some heavy stress and it has held up well. Fished it in the crystal clear waters of Northern Michigan and had a lot of success with small and largemouth bass and pike over the braid my son was throwing. Great for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits to get that little bit of flex you want so you don't rip the lure out of the fish's mouth like a braid would do. I am very pleased with the strength, low memory, castibility, and low visibility in clear water. I have been using it for years and it is all I have on my baitcasters and spinning rods.

Dam Good Mono

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This is by far the best monofilament I have ever used, and I have used many. Very low memory, small diameter, slick, low visibility and casts like a dream. FishUSA is top notch. Thanks!

Great Line

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This line works great for steelhead. I use the 8.2 lb Test in clear water with single eggs and have done really well. It does get dry and stretched quick though but I can deal with it due to the low diameter high break strength.