Cortland Trout Series Finesse Trout II Fly Line

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Item No.: F13549


Cortland Trout Series Finesse Trout II Fly Line offers a weight-forward design specifically designed for fishing tiny flies at great distances. This floating line is built with an extra-fine diameter front taper, offering the ultimate in finesse presentations. Finesse Trout II includes a welded loop at each end, making changing the line or leader easy and painless. A hard-running line jacket provides an accurate, high-speed casting line that lands gently and floats high with less surface drag.

  • Heron/Light blue color
  • Braided nylon multifilament core
  • Heat-Tempered Surface Treatment
    • A process that incorporates extreme slickness additives. Seals out dirt and oils while maintaining an exceptionally low friction coefficient.
  • Welded Loops
    • Welded loops make rigging fast, easy, and reliable. Cortland loops are strong, secure, and durable.
  • Warm Temperature
    • Ideal use in 50 - 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Cold Temperature
    • Ideal use in 30 - 50 degree Fahrenheit temperatures

Cortland Trout Series Finesse Trout II Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.


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