Cortland Tropic Plus Heavy Sink Fly Line

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Cortland Tropic Plus Heavy Sink Fly Line is constructed of an abrasion-resistant, 50-pound core of braided nylon multifilament. This line features welded loops for quick and easy rigging plus Cortland's Shooting Technology for a smooth and stiff jacket coating. The fast sinking head on this linek will get your fly down deep in the water to find those hard to find species. Cortland Tropic Plus Heavy Sink Fly Line provides performance and some of the best technology to create a durable line that will stand up to warm tropical conditions.

  • Welded Loops
    • Welded loops make rigging fast, easy, and reliable. Cortland loops are strong, secure, and durable.
  • Over-sized running line
  • Sinking/intermediate line
  • 30 feet sinking head
  • Core: Braided nylon multifilament
  • Fifty+ Core
    • Built for the most demanding species. Core strength of more than 50 lbs. allows anglers to put maximum drag and pressure on a fish without compromising the taper design or line density.
  • ST - Shooting Technology
    • ST coating delivers a reduced-friction performance with a glass-smooth finish and remains a key element in line slickness over its life span.
  • Tropical Temperature
    • Ideal use in 70 + degrees Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Warm Temperature
    • Ideal use in 50 - 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures

Cortland Tropic Plus Heavy Sink Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.


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