Cortland SST 10 Tie-Able Stainless Steel Leader Material

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Cortland SST 10 Tie-Able Stainless Steel Leader Material is supple enough for tying but strong enough to stand up against razor-sharp teeth. You can use most conventional fishing knots for tying and rigging with this leader material. Even the toughest gear is useless against toothy critters unless you're fishing with a leader material that can handle it. Northern Pike, Musky, and bluefish don't stand a chance! Cortland SST 10 Tie-Able Stainless Steel Leader Material is excellent for use for fly, spinning, casting, and trolling applications.

  • Length: 10 ft.

Cortland SST 10 Tie-Able Stainless Steel Leader Material is made in the U.S.A.


bring em on...

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Ive used toothy critter for 2 years now and I love. I fish for scandinavian pike in denmark. and this leader cant take some punishment and stil be fine. Ive used the 90# since i throw big bull dawgs and woden kranck baits. but also for smaler jerkbaits and spinners. and ive have not once brokken one, and even after a years bunch of pike i have only been forced to chance 1 couse of some serius dinks. and thats 1 out of 4 rods. ofcouse the coating take som scrachtes but no big deal. i have now got som 70# and 50# for some of my smaller jigs to try out this sesson. last i should mention that i havent try tying the leader but have used a swivel and stay lock. but wil try this sesson to ty som for the ligth jigs. all in all a great leader that i will use for many years to come. regardss and good hunting sebastian trolle copenhagen denmark


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all my musky flys have this on them .

A must have for Northerns!

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A tackle necessity if you're going after Northerns or other toothy fish with a fly rod. Ties well. An excellent product.

Just what I was looking for

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I love this when blues are around and it doesn't scare the stripers either.

Toothy Critter leader material

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Nice steel leader that ties and holds up very well. I use a clinch knot and have not had any failures to date. If you like fishing for fish with teeth I highly recommend this leader material.

Strong and thin but tough to tie

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I used this for my ice fishing tip-ups and expect it to do the job against some toothy walleyes and pike. It's not quite as easy to tie as advertised. You can get it done but pliers are needed to cinch the knot.

I will be buying this product again!

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This is a great product for pike fishing any time of the year. I have tied my own pike leaders for years and this is the best steel leader material I have ever used!

great product

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went pike fishing had the same leader on my pole all weakend, never lost a fish, this stuff has way better action than normal steel leaders, i used the "perfection loop" to tie it on



I'm very dissatisfied with toothy critter leaders. The first time I saw them in the store I bought multiple wieghts, thought it could be a quick save for my fly rods. I have yet to tie a successful knot at any weight, and I know knots. Also I broke the 50 lb bare handed, trying to tie on a 5/0. Anyone have a tip, hook me up. Otherwise im sticking with regular.