Cortland Specialty Compact Float Fly Line

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Cortland Specialty Compact Float Fly Line features a unique taper design with the ability to fish sink tips, as well as short and long leaders. This special taper allows anglers to throw large streamers, bass poppers, and even heavy Clousers with ease. The core's line is built on a braided nylon multifilament that has an HTx coating, allowing the line to remain slick and supple whether in cold or warm waters. Utilizing an innovative full-floating short and aggressive head design, this line is able to really soar with minimal false casts. Compact Float Fly Line even makes it easy to know when to re-cast or shoot line, thanks to the high-contrast color change separating the head from the running line.

  • Green/yellow color
  • Braided nylon multifilament core
  • Heat-Tempered Surface Treatment
    • A process that incorporates extreme slickness additives. Seals out dirt and oils while maintaining an exceptionally low friction coefficient.
  • Welded Loops
    • Welded loops make rigging fast, easy, and reliable. Cortland loops are strong, secure, and durable.
  • Cold Temperature
    • Ideal use in 30 - 50 degree Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Warm Temperature
    • Ideal use in 50 - 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures

Cortland Specialty Compact Float Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.


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