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At a Glance: Flies

Flies are artificial baits made of feathers, string, yarn, beads and other materials, tied to a hook and made to imitate baitfish, crawfish, worms, and insects at various stages of development. Flies are designed to imitate these creatures in look, size, and color and are specifically designed for fly fishing anglers targeting both saltwater and freshwater species. Flies are broken into the categories of dry, emergers and wet, nymphs, bead heads, streamers and muddlers, worms, sowbugs and scuds, poppers, terrestrials, crayfish and crabs, fly assortments, articulated, egg patterns, and skaters. Dry flies are very light flies designed to float on the water’s surface, imitating flying insects in their adult stage. Nymphs, emergers and wet flies are tied to imitate the early and middle stages of an insect’s life below the surface. Streamers and muddlers are typically larger flies imitating baitfish, crayfish, leeches and other swimming creatures. Worms, sowbugs, and scuds are imitations of bugs and worms which often fall from trees overhanging the streambanks. Poppers imitate frogs, mice, and large bugs moving and splashing on the surface. Terrestrials imitate grasshoppers, crickets, and ants that feed hungry fish when they miss the next blade of grass and end up in the water. Crayfish and crabs are wide-profile wet flies imitating the crab-like crayfish that are food for fish in streams, rivers, and ponds. Fly assortments offer species-specific assortments selected by FishUSA’s fly fishing experts. Articulated flies are large flies with multiple segments providing tremendous movement to drive large predatory fish into a feeding frenzy. Egg patterns imitate single eggs and egg clusters primarily used for trout and salmon. Skaters are similar to dry flies but glide and skip across the surface rather than silently drifting downstream waiting for a fish strike. Every fly angler should be sure to fill their fly box before each outing, and FishUSA offers the selection to do so at great prices.

The top brands of flies at FishUSA include Gaines, Lively Legz, Otter's Soft Milking Eggs, and Umpqua.