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Fishing Accessories
Fishing Accessories
Frabill Teardrop Trout Net
Frabill Teardrop Trout Net
The Frabill Teardrop Trout Net was specifically designed for the avid wader, canoeist, or float tube fisherman. This net features a comfortable rubberized handle for a secure grip, even when wet. It is constructed with a coated micro mesh netting ensuring tangle-free catches and releases. In addition, the clip and lanyard keeps the net close when you need it.
Vedavoo Netster Limited Edition Sunset Series
Vedavoo Netster Limited Edition Sun...
The Vedavoo Netster Net Pouch will keep long handled nets securely in place and out of the way. It is designed with loops on the back, so you can easily wear it on your belt. The Limited Edition Sunset Series features original artwork by Kendra Leeks. This is a very limited special edition series.
Excel-Outdoors Horizontal Mount Cargo Basket
Excel-Outdoors Horizontal Mount Car...
The Excel-Outdoors Horizontal Mount Cargo Basket is great for hauling extra fuel, propane, or drinking water. This sturdy steel constructed basket provides ample room to haul fuel containers while keeping odors away from your belongings. The Cargo basket is perfect for your boat, camper/RV, truck, or ATV.
$191.99 - $207.99
$164.99 - $179.99
Vedavoo Pinch Pouch
Vedavoo Pinch Pouch
The Vedavoo Pinch Pouch is a great solution to store indicators, weights, and other small items. This pouch is constructed of durable Cordura fabric with a tension-loaded, self closing opening. No zippers or velcro needed, just pinch the pouch to open, and release to close. The versatility of the Vedavoo Pinch Pouch allows you to use as a pocket pouch to carry money or to keep fly tying materials next to your bench.
$11.99 - $15.99
$9.79 - $12.99
3-Tand TF Series Fly Reel Spare Spool
3-Tand TF Series Fly Reel Spare Spool
These are the spare spools only for 3-Tand TF Series Fly Reels.
$104.99 - $124.99
$84.99 - $99.99
Croakies Dog Collar
Croakies Dog Collar
4 Colors available
The Croakies Dog Collar is a stylish, durable, and soft collar for your dog. For added comfort, the webbing is deigned so that it will not mat the hair or pinch the skin. The Croakies Dog Collar gives you a sense of security with its Duraflex buckle and D-Ring
Fishing Hot Spots Map
Fishing Hot Spots Map
Fishing Hot Spots Maps are high-definition maps with fishing-related points of interest marked. These maps are printed on waterproof paper, so they will last in a variety of weather conditions. Each map also features tip and techniques related to the species in that area. Get a Fishing Hot Spots Map and get ahead of the game. Fishing Hot Spots Maps are printed in the U.S.A.
Sage 6200 Series Fly Reel Spare Spool
Sage 6200 Series Fly Reel Spare Spool
These are the Spare Spools only for the Sage 6200 Series Fly Reels.
Yeti Corner Chock Set
Yeti Corner Chock Set
The Yeti Corner Chock Set allow you to keep your cooler from moving around while out on your boat. These chocks are made with heavy duty rubber and are designed to withstand years of sun exposure.
StrikeMaster Replacement Chipper Blade Bolts
StrikeMaster Replacement Chipper Bl...
StrikeMaster Replacement Chipper Blade Bolts replaces the bolts on StrikeMaster single chipper blade power augers such as the StrikeMaster Magnum Power Ice Augers. The StrikeMaster Replacement Chipper Blade Bolts are StrikeMaster part #BB-2. Each package contains two bolts.
FishUSA Logo Clear Fly Box
FishUSA Logo Clear Fly Box
Every fly angler needs a good fly box. For our loyal customers, we have created our own clear logo fly box. These boxes are clear with the logo on the front lid. FishUSA logo fly boxes are made from clear plastic for easy viewing, they make a great dry fly or nymph box, but can also be used to storage of beads, hooks and other small tackle or fly tying material. These quality boxes are made in the USA. The box dimensions are 6" x 4" x 1" high.
FishUSA Logo Foam Fly Box
FishUSA Logo Foam Fly Box
Every fly angler needs a good fly box. For our loyal customers, we have created our own logo fly box in three sizes and three interior configurations. The exterior of our boxes are tan in color with blue logo.
$6.99 - $14.99
$5.79 - $11.99

At a Glance: Fishing Accessories

Fishing accessories are the tools, devices and containers anglers need to enhance and maintain their tackle; land and process fish; and store the gear that they use in pursuit of their passion to be on or in the water.

Modern fishing tackle is not without expense. Storing it properly when not in use, as well as keeping up on the maintenance and repairs can extend it's life and ensure quality for years. Tools and accessories are available for all fishing tactics, as well as educational materials to shorten learning curves for new ones. Storage of bait and of the day’s catch are as important as having quality processing equipment available on the boat, in the cabin or at home. Fishing accessories available at FishUSA are gear storage, coolers and drink storage, live bait storage and accessories, landing gear, creels, baskets and stringers, tools, fish processing, lure and bait accessories, rod accessories, reel accessories, line accessories, books, videos and maps, gift items and decals, fly fishing gear, and ice fishing gear.

Gear storage includes rod tubes, hard and soft tackle containers, fly boxes, and packs/duffels for storing everything from the smallest of split shots and dry flies, to the largest of trolling paddles and flashers. Cooler and drink storage offers the best quality coolers and tumblers to keep an angler’s favorite beverages hot or cold while they reel in their catch. Live bait storage and accessories provides minnow nets and buckets to catch and store baitfish, as well as bait boxes and preservation products needed to keep your bait alive and fresh until it’s time for them to be used. Landing gear includes nets and fish grippers every angler needs to land their catch, whether streamside or on a boat. Creels, baskets and stringers are the creel pouches, metal and cord stringers, and collapsible wire baskets for storing your catches while continuing to fish for a full creel limit. Tools are the small hand tools such as pliers and forceps, cutters and scissors, multi-tools, lights, hook removers, and knot tiers to help anglers change flies and lures, sharpen hooks and knives, and snip line to get back to fishing after making changes in terminal tackle. Fish processing offers standard and electric fillet knives, cutting boards, replacement blades and safety gloves for the angler who takes their legal catch home or back to camp.

Lure and bait accessories is where anglers will find bait holders, bait tying thread and netting, chain hooks, replacement skirts, and stickers for customizing bait and lure presentations. Rod accessories are rod tubes and cases, non-boating rod holders, repair parts, spring bobbers, and rod wraps that allow an angler the ability to customize, repair and store their various fishing rods. Reel accessories are the spare spools, reel cases, lubricants and reel handles for storing, repairing and maintaining all of the various fishing reels, old and new. Line accessories provides the line tenders, counters and strippers, spoolers, cleaners and dressings, leader wallets, and leader loops and connectors for customizing and storing leaders and tippet. Books, videos and maps are available to read up on new tactics and products, watch instructional videos from professionals, and purchase field guides and maps for your region all in the interest of educating anglers and encouraging new experiences. Fly fishing gear includes products for fly tying - hooks, materials, kits, tools, vises - all of the fly fishing accessories fly anglers need. Ice fishing gear is the ice electronics, augers, shelters, tip-ups and traps, and ice fishing tools and accessories. Gift items and decals are offered from some of the biggest names in the industry including FishUSA gift cards and decals.

The top brands of fishing accessories at FishUSA are Berkley, Rapala, Eagle Claw, Frabill and Plano.