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Dreamweaver FishUSA Custom Color Spin Doctor Flasher - Closeout
Dreamweaver FishUSA Custom Color Sp...
2 Colors available
Dreamweaver FishUSA Custom Color Spin Doctor Flashers provide anglers with proven fish-attracting colors. These are some of the best deep-water rotating flashers available. FishUSA Pro Staff have taken these classic flashers one step further by designing a unique series of color schemes, including the Glow Salmon Skin series.
$12.99 - $13.99
$10.49 - $11.49
Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag
Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag
The Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag has a large main compartment plus multiple pockets for all your gear. The versatility of this bag allows you to pack what you need, from fly boxes to clothes. This bag has the capacity to hold two Bugger Beast fly boxes (sold separately), a couple of water bottles, rain gear, and even lunch for your day of fishing. The Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag also makes an excellent option to pack clothes, laptop, and other travel items for a weekend trip.
Amish Outfitters Gunwale & Transom Saver
Amish Outfitters Gunwale & Transom ...
The Amish Outfitters Gunwale & Transom Saver protects your boat when boarding. This covers the gunwale saving the fiberglass gel coat from scratches and scuffs from footwear or equipment being loaded onto the boat. The material construction is durable, easy to clean and maintain, so it will last for many years of use. For safety, it is weighted with sand bags sewn into the ends and has a non-skid material on the back to hold it in place.
$17.99 - $25.99
$15.49 - $22.99
Yellow Bird Planer Board Flag Kit
Yellow Bird Planer Board Flag Kit
Yellow Bird Planer Board Flag Kits will help you see your planer boards from a great distance. The Regular Flag Kit has one red flag (port side) and one green flag (starboard side) that make it easier to spot your boards when making turns. These flags are height adjustable depending on which hole the attachment bolt goes through. These flags also come in glow-in-the-dark, so you can spot your boards even when fishing at night! Yellow Bird Planer Board Flag Kits fits Yellow Bird's and other popul...
$8.99 - $11.99
$6.29 - $8.49
Church Tackle Replacement Planer Board Foam Insert
Church Tackle Replacement Planer Bo...
Church Tackle Replacement Planer Board Foam Inserts are the replacement inserts for the Church Tackle Planer Boards. The model number for the inserts match the planer board they are compatible with. Each package contains one insert. Church Tackle Replacement Planer Board Foam Inserts are made in the U.S.A.
$2.99 - $6.49
$1.79 - $3.99
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Brackets
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Brackets
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Brackets are to replace the brackets from your model OR34 Mini Planer Boards (sold separately). Each Off Shore Tackle Replacement Brackets package includes two brackets.
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Release Pads
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Releas...
2 Sizes available
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Release Pads are great for replacing old and worn release pads. These pads will ensure that your releases continue to provide a secure grip. Off Shore Tackle Replacement Release Pads are designed to fit without the pin protruding through the center of the pad.
$3.49 - $4.29
$3.29 - $3.99
Pro-Troll EChip SpinRay Flasher
Pro-Troll EChip SpinRay Flasher
3 Colors available
Pro-Troll EChip SpinRay Flashers offer a revolutionary spin and kick design combined with Pro-Troll's EChip technology. The EChip consists of a small stainless steel tube with a stainless ball inside. At one end of the tube there is a special ceramic crystal. As the ball strikes each end, the crystal produces a tiny electric impulse which duplicates the nerve discharge of a baitfish. Coupled with the smooth spin of the SpinRay this flasher attracts more fish to your flies and lures.

At a Glance: Boat Gear

Boats have been used for centuries for fishing. Modern fishing boats are much more than just floating platforms for casting nets or throwing spears to harvest fish. Whether a big-water cruiser, deep-V lake troller, pontoon boat, jon boat, a canoe or fishing kayak, anglers on boats have tremendous advantages over shore fishermen. Fishing on a boat allows an angler to reach deeper water, cover large areas as fish move or conditions change, and pack great varieties of tackle on an outing, not to mention bringing a buddy or two. Having a boat is a great start, but having the right boat gear is essential to a successful boating trip. Whether trolling deep open water, flipping jigs for bass around docks, bottom-bouncing for walleye, or crappie fishing with spider rigs, the options are only limited by an angler’s financial resources. FishUSA has all the gear necessary to conduct a great boat fishing trip, including boat electronics, downriggers, planer boards, divers, attractors, rod holders and track systems, drift socks and trolling bags, and boat accessories.

Boat electronics offers the speed and temperature indicators, as well as the underwater cameras becoming so popular these days to help boating anglers fine-tune their trolling programs. Downriggers are available as manual and electric models to get baits down deep quickly. Planers are the planer board masts and reels, full-size planer boards, and inline planer boards which allow all anglers onboard to have the maximum number of lines out and spread apart from each other. Divers are the dipsy divers, jet diver, and other devices used to provide controlled depths for any application. Attractors are the big water rotating and non-rotating flashers, dodgers and lake troll devices needed for lake trout and salmon fishing. Rod holders and track systems offer the single, double, triple or more rod holder systems needed for large trolling programs. Drift socks and trolling bags from Amish Outfitters and Drift Control give versatility and speed control for windy conditions, or if your motor isn’t able to troll at the slower speeds needed for certain species. Boat accessories are those needed for mounting, repairing, and customizing the various pieces of boat equipment needed for the perfect program or setup.

The top brands of boat gear at FishUSA are Big Jon, Cannon, Fish Hawk, Luhr Jensen and Amish Outfitters.

Reduced prices on Waterwolf camera and accessories!
Reduced prices on Waterwolf camera and accessories!