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NewCal Coast Fishing Rod Mule
Cal Coast Fishing Rod Mule
There's no reason for you to struggle with armfuls of rods and reels when you use the Cal Coast Fishing Rod Mule to transport all your gear to your boat or vehicle. This premium system enables you to move your rods in a single trip while protecting tips and securing them for travel in a no-slip sling. The rods slide into the sling and then you attach the adjustable strap to secure your rods. Great for bank or kayak anglers, co-anglers, boaters, traveling, and storage, the Rod Mule will keep your...
NewCal Coast Fishing Bait Sack
Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack
Protect yourself and your lures with the Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack! This premium lure protector works with any fresh or saltwater lure for a quick, snag-free tackle management system. Squeeze the sack with one hand to open, drop your bait in it, place the line under the line keeper and clip it onto your rod. It's that simple! You won't have to deal with velcro, tangled lures, damaged gear, or hooks in your hands when you use the Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack. Whether you're on a boat, kayak, or ...
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NewCal Coast Fishing Donkey Leash
Cal Coast Fishing Donkey Leash
Losing or injuring fish will be a thing of the past when you use the Cal Coast Fishing Donkey Leash! Designed specifically for kayak fishing, you can use the Donkey Leash to hold your fish while you get your hawg trough and camera ready. The Donkey Leash attaches to your kayak seat rail system while the locking clip safely locks onto the fish's jaw without puncturing or harming the fish. Approved for kayak fishing tournaments, you now have a hands-free and safe way to secure and record your catc...
NewCal Coast Fishing Money Beam
Cal Coast Fishing Money Beam
When time is of the essence and every ounce counts, use the Cal Coast Fishing Money Beam to quickly identify your best five fish! The lightweight floating beam can be stowed inside your livewell for instant access during a tournament. The Money Beam was built to work perfectly with the Cal Coast Fishing Clip N Cull 2.0 tags, but will also with many other styles of cull tags due to its curled hangers on the bottom and notches on the top. Don't waste any more time weighing your catches during a to...
NewCal Coast Fishing Cali Clips
Cal Coast Fishing Cali Clips
Don't you hate spending your precious fishing time untangling lines and weights wrapped around other rods? That's a thing of the past when you use Cal Coast Fishing Cali Clips to secure your drop shot rigs. These durable clips come in three sizes to fit a wide range of rod styles and sizes. Snap the clip on your rod, slide your line through the keeper, and your drop shot weight will stay secure until you're ready to fish! The built-in hook keeper secures your swim jigs, Texas rigs, and other lur...