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Caddis Larva Nymph - 2 Pack

Item#: 190688

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Product Details

A Caddis Larva Nymph - 2 Pack contains a pair of sub-surface offerings no fly angler who fishes the caddis fly hatch should be without. Hours before frenzied visible surface activity, caddis pupae escape from their cocoons and drift the streambed with the current trying to collect air bubbles before swimming to the surface. This is a period of feeding time for trout, and the dark head and light thorax of this Caddis Larva Nymph pattern is what they hone in on during this stage of the caddis fly hatch. Don't miss out on this often ignored period of this spring and early summer hatch! Catch trout when others are not with your Caddis Larva Nymph - 2 Pack!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and other gamefish
  • Mimics a caddis fly pupa that has emerged from its larval cocoon and drifts along the bottom of streams a few hours before the evening hatch
  • Technique: set the Caddis Larva Nymph on a dead drift on streambeds and use a strike indicator; pair with a dry fly as a dropper and let the dry fly behave as your indicator; cast upstream or across as you might when fishing a nymph; also, try letting the line tighten and give the pattern a quick movement before mending the line and allow the Caddis Larva Nymph to drift again
  • Qty. per Pack: 2