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NewCabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Worms
Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Worms
8 Colors available
Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Worms feature a unique oval design with wide ribs to offer a life-like appearance that immediately attracts fish once it hits the water. These durable worms sink to the strike zone with a slow wobble motion. Use these worms on a wacky rig to add more action or on a Texas-rig to speed through the water. Ideal for pressured or finicky fish, Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Worms will not be damaged easily from the onslaught of aggressive fish. The Cabin Creek Oval Sinkin' Worms ar...
NewCabin Creek Jr. Express Craw
Cabin Creek Jr. Express Craw
10 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Jr. Express Craw is made from finesse plastic that safeguards the craw from saltwater damage. With a reliable and durable design that attracts bass and helps get them in your boat, the Jr. Express Craw is every angler’s dream. It features tapered claws that produce a ton of movement on a jig or Texas-rig. The lightweight soft bait is the perfect addition to your tackle box because it is incredibly easy to install on your favorite rig. Available in a variety of colors, the Jr. Exp...
NewCabin Creek Salty Critter Gitter
Cabin Creek Salty Critter Gitter
13 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Salty Critter Gitter is a lightweight bait that can be used by anglers for improving their chances of catching all types of bass. This go-to tube is hand dipped, super-soft, and resistant to saltwater damage. Its soft plastic body tricks fish into holding on longer, allowing you to miss fewer bites and achieve better hook sets. With lifelike tentacles pulsating with even the slightest movement of your rod, the Critter Gitter provides a natural look that will deceive any fish. The...
NewCabin Creek Salty Critter Jr.
Cabin Creek Salty Critter Jr.
11 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Salty Critter Jr. is ideal for attracting attention of finicky or pressured bass. Hand dipped to perfection, the tentacles move wildly in the slightest current to let you catch your prey with ease. These lightweight and versatile softbaits can be flipped, pitched, or dragged; whatever your favorite technique is, you can use it! Even in the hardest conditions, its super-soft body makes fish hold on longer to maximize your chances of a catch with every bite. The Salty Critter Jr. i...
NewCabin Creek Saturn IV Worm
Cabin Creek Saturn IV Worm
12 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Saturn IV Worm is the ultimate artificial worm for anglers who are targeting any species of bass or especially finicky walleye. Constructed of a lightweight finesse plastic, this bait is easy to cast and fish with a drop-shot or Texas rig. The Saturn IV Worm is durable and a favorite among anglers. This awesome finesse bait features a long ribbed body with a curled tail that produces a natural action in the water and tricks fish into taking a big bite. If you're interested in cat...
NewCabin Creek Salty Spider Parts
Cabin Creek Salty Spider Parts
12 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Salty Spider Parts are strong yet soft spider grubs that provide phenomenal movements and proven actions all year round. The first Spider Part is star-shaped with flexible tentacles that will create amazing motions. The secondary Spider Part features a ridged, bulky body with dual thin tails to kick and flutter through the water. Perfect for the finesse approach, you can work these softbaits in shallow or deep waters to target any species of bass. The Salty Spider Parts are most ...
NewCabin Creek Express Bug
Cabin Creek Express Bug
8 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Express Bug provides a beefy profile to trigger aggressive bites from all types of fish, especially bass. The Express Bug features a natural creature appearance with a ribbed body, thin appendages, and a big flappy tailfin to deliver phenomenal crawfish-like action. This extremely lightweight soft bait gives the appearance of a large meal that fish cannot resist! Constructed of durable plastic, it enables you to easily fish through thick cover with a punch rig, yet stays intact t...
NewCabin Creek Express Craw
Cabin Creek Express Craw
12 Colors available
The Cabin Creek Express Craw has a realistic design and a perfectly-sized profile that will help you catch more fish on your next outing. With large tapered claws that come to life on a jig or Texas-rig, this soft plastic bait is definitely a major asset for any bass angler. Made from durable, yet finesse, plastic, the Express Craw will withstand bite damage and serve you for a long time. Available in a variety of proven bass colors, this impressive softbait is a proven fishing tool that maximiz...