Booyah Baits Boss Pop

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Treble Hooks
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Product Details

The Booyah Boss Pop delivers versatile and easy-to-use topwater action that bass will crave. Whether you're popping or walking or any other technique in between, this bait is deadly at any retrieval speed. The Boss Pop features a shallow cupped mouth to create extra splashing that imitates distressed baitfish. Combined with the enticing colors and feather-dressed treble, nothing will be in between you and the next strike. Drive bass crazy with the Booyah Boss Pop.

  • Feathered back treble hook
  • Chugs, spits, walks the dog and skitters across the surface like a panicked baitfish
  • Shallow concave "easter egg" shaped face to send water flying
  • Depth: Topwater
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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