Redwing Tackle Blackbird Sabretooth Premium Hooks

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Item No.: F10154

Product Details

Product Details

Blackbird Sabretooth Premium Hooks by Redwing Tackle are the hooks of choice for salmon, steelhead and trout anglers around the world. These chemically sharpened are manufactured from the finest quality high carbon steel, producing unparalleled strength.These hooks are great for use with egg sacs and skein.

  • Qty. per pack: 20

Maybe the best steelhead hook out there


These hooks fly under the radar to many float fisherman. Truth is they are one of the absolute best hooks out there for steelhead, lake-run browns, and even kings. I only wish they came in 100 packs as well. Never failed me.



very good

Fantastic hooks!


This is my go to hook period! They are extremely sharp, well made andIi loose very few fish whether it be Blue Gill or Steelhead they are the best in my opinion.

Great Low Profile Hook

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Switched to these for steelhead and trout awhile ago, and they do very well. Haven't had any problems of them bending, and I think the hooks being black and thinner helps avoid spooking fish.



I steelhead fish nonstop year round Itry new hooks all the time the blackbird hooks were the bomb untii the other day when three fish in a row broke the hooks in half Iam not going to lie to u they were the best hooks in the world and i understand not everything is perfect but come on three in a row