Berkley Powerbait The Deal

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Item No.: F18353


Ever have those days where the fish just won't bite? Sometimes you just need to kick it up a notch, trigger that predator instinct. The Berkley Powerbait The Deal is here to help you do just that. Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion, Skeet Reese, The Deal is designed with a tail that scurries, mimicking a fleeing baitfish and triggering those larger predators. Berkley dosed this swimbait with their Powerbait scent to keep those large predators holding on even longer.

The Deal is designed so it can be used as a stand-alone swimbait in either open water or vegetation. However, its high sided shad profile can add some bulk and presentation to your bladed jig. The fleeing action of its tail only adds an extra level to your bladed jig, giving you an edge over everyone else. Kick in those predator instincts with the Berkley Powerbait The Deal!

  • Pro designed by Skeet Reese
  • High sided shad profile ads bulk and presence
  • High action tails mimic fleeing baitfish and amp up the action of your bladed jig
  • Rig as a stand alone swimbait in open water and around vegetation
  • Enhanced flavor keeps fish from letting go
  • Fish hold on 18x longer
  • Soft and durable for life-like action


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10/15/2019 6:43 pm

Great chatterbait trailer!

by Steve

3.5” make a great chatterbait trailer and 4.5 for that really big bite. Stays on keeper well.