Berkley PowerBait Power Chunk

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Item No.: F17445


Bulk up your jigs or spinnerbaits with the Berkley PowerBait Power Chunk! Designed to replicate old pork trailers, the Power Chunk adds lifelike movement and enhances the profile of your lure. Its appendages are textured to add surface area to hold more of that irresistible PowerBait scent. The PowerBait formula is known to attract fish better and make them hold on to the bait 18 times longer than the competition.

  • Adds movement and bulk to your jig
  • Designed with the old pork trailers in mind, but easier to use
  • Texture adds surface area for more PowerBait flavor
  • Infused with the exclusive PowerBait scent formula
  • Fish hold on 18x longer

Berkley PowerBait Power Chunk is made in the U.S.A.


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