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Berkley Gulp! Dough Trout Bait

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Product Details

Berkley Gulp! Dough Natural Scent Trout Bait can be easily molded into an egg cluster and placed on an 8 or 10 size hook for an effective and natural presentation. The dough is specially formulated with the world's most powerful scents and flavors to create a fish feeding frenzy. Fish this dough lying on the stream bottom or drifted downstream, is the perfect tempting treat no passing trout can resist. Field tests confirm that this bait's fast dispersing scent and alluring Gulp! flavor bits provide a potent and ultra effective feeding stimulant for trout.

  • Smells and tastes like live bait
  • Floating formula floats the hook in the visible strike zone
  • Long lasting and effective

wotks great


we went fishing in missouri and i used the gulp doe bait it worked great we caught 6 or more 5+ pound trout in less than a hour


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Needs to be a little harder

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I found the Gulp Power Bait to be a little too soft to stay on the treble hook well; I never know if it stayed on the hook after casting out. I contacted FishUSA (fast responce to my email)and was told to keep it cool, so I put it in a ice chest with cold packs when I used it the second time at a local fishing derby, the weather was so cold I could not hardly feel my fingers and it made little difference on the bait hardness. So for this reason only I don't give it high marks. As a side note I love the Berkley power bait never had a problem with it staying on the treble hook.

A Pretty Good Buy

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When I applied it to hooks on a couple of lures, it seemed that I had to cast out less times before I had a fish on the line. I liked it. Seemed to do better than regular berkeley power bait.

Alway catch fish

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This product is great, alway catch fish when no one is.