Bead Head Hex Nymph - 2 Pack

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Product Details

A Bead Head Hex Nymph - 2 Pack is meant for you to pursue those trout feeding on Hexagenia nymphs a couple of hours before any surface activity makes its presence known to the naked eye. Hexagenia are a giant mayfly that inhabits much of North America, and they are most often found in lakes and waters with slow current and sandy or muddy bottoms. Prior to emerging to the surface, Hex nymphs grow to about an inch long and develop dark wing pads, which this Bead Head Hex Nymph emulates and is why it is tied onto a large Daiichi hook. Hatches occur year-round in warmer climates and in the summer or fall in cooler ones after sunset where the nymph will then swim to the water's surface. If you're fishing lakes or slow waters where these large mayflies exist, you might be able to get ahead of the surface hatch when you fish using a Bead Head Hex Nymph - 2 Pack!

  • Use for steelhead, rainbow trout, brown trout
  • Mimics the Hexagenia limbata, a large and burrowing mayfly nymph that is a significant prey item for many fish species
  • Technique: drop the Bead Head Hex Nymph to the bottom a couple of hours before sunset and patiently lift the nymph and allow it to resettle; as soon as you notice surface activity change tactics and draw the pattern up to the top quickly to imitate a swimming nymph streaking to the topwater
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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