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NewBassTrix Paddle Tail
BassTrix Paddle Tail
14 Colors available
Known as the original paddle tail swimbait, the BassTrix Paddle Tail is a must-have bait for serious anglers. This swimbait is handmade with super-soft plastic to provide a realistic feel with unmatched swimming action. The paddle tail produces wildly natural movements, displacing water on the retrieve. Finished with holographic eyes and realistic scale patterns, this swimbait matches a variety of forage fish. Pair the Paddle Tail with a weighted hook for a deadly combination! The BassTrix Paddl...
$8.99 - $10.99
$8.29 - $9.99
NewBassTrix Loca Motion Worm
BassTrix Loca Motion Worm
12 Colors available
The BassTrix Loca Motion Worm is more unique than the average plastic worm; with its proprietary hollow design, it resembles a skinny, longer tube bait. The hollow worm adds buoyancy for a perfectly natural action in the water. Handmade with super soft plastic, it features a large head that tapers down to a slender tail. The Loca Motion Worm works great with a shakey head, or you can rig it weightless on a Texas rig for another effective presentation. The BassTrix Loca Motion Worm is made in the...
NewBassTrix Flash-Trix
BassTrix Flash-Trix
14 Colors available
The BassTrix Flash-Trix is one of the world's best finesse baits on the market today. Simply put, it produces catches on tough fishing days. The Flash-Trix features an accurate profile with holographic eyes and finely detailed scale patterns to perfectly replicate a minnow. Made by hand with super soft plastic, its hollow body provides an ultra realistic feel, forcing hungry bass to gobble it up, thinking it was a real meal. Whether you are fishing a Texas-rig or implementing the split shot or d...
$8.49 - $9.49
$7.79 - $8.79