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Lures & Baits
NewMegabass IXI Shad Type-3
Megabass IXI Shad Type-3
11 Colors available
The next generation of shads are here! The one-of-a-kind Megabass IXI Shad Type-3 utilizes an elongated round lip to fall forward, deflecting off rocks, stumps, and other structures with minimal snagging. Featuring the patented Linear Bearing Oscillator system, you can expect bullet casts with an incredibly balanced swimming action. Its precisely-angled sides creates an attractive rolling action and vibration to trigger more aggressive strikes. With 3-D eyes and textured gill plates and scales, ...
NewMegabass Sonicside
Megabass Sonicside
12 Colors available
Competition ready and born to meet the demands of professional anglers, the Megabass Sonicside is a must-have addition to your tackle box this bass season. Designed to dominate cold water fishing, the Sonicside produces a silent, tight, high-pitch action on the retrieve. Featuring fixed internal weights, you'll experience its optimal action, castability, and stability at high speeds. The reinforced circuit board lip deflects easily off riprap and other hard structures. Built to out-cast and out-...
NewMegabass Okashira Jig Screwhead
Megabass Okashira Jig Screwhead
4 Colors available
When it seems like your usual go-to lure isn't doing the job, try the Megabass Okashira Jig Screwhead! The Okashira Jig Screwhead is the ideal way to add flash and vibration to your presentation whether you are fishing it alone or with a small swimbait. Equipped with an asymmetrical prop, one blade is longer than the other to create a unique pulsing presence which draws fish to your area. With intricate details such as a hydrodynamic form, 3-D eyes, gills, and a hand-painted finish, this jig scr...
NewMegabass Okashira Jig Head
Megabass Okashira Jig Head
4 Colors available
Created for finesse fishing, you can fish the Megabass Okashira Jig Head by itself or with smaller swimbaits for an uncanny lifelike appearance. Featuring intricate details such as a hydrodynamic form, 3-D eyes, gills, and a hand-painted finish, the Okashira Head will trick hungry predators. Perfect for heavy feeding times, tip the jighead with worms, grubs, or a soft plastic for an attractive presentation. This jig head comes equipped with a hand-tied bait keeper along the shank of the hook, so...
NewSPRO RkCrawler MD 55 Crankbait
SPRO RkCrawler MD 55 Crankbait
8 Colors available
Crash the cover with SPRO RkCrawler MD 55 Crankbait. Made with a shallow diving bill, this crankbait maneuvers through rocky, woody terrains down to eight feet deep. With a low weight of half an ounce, you will make incredibly long casts and cover a large body of water quickly. The RkCrawler MD 55 creates a wide wobbling hunting action and deflects off cover to gain the attention of weary bass and trigger quick, aggressive strikes. Ready to fish right out of the package, deflection is the name o...
NewSPRO RkCrawler 55 Crankbait
SPRO RkCrawler 55 Crankbait
14 Colors available
Bounce off the bottom in style with the SPRO RkCrawler 55 Crankbait. Designed by B.A.S.S Elite Series Angler Mike McClelland, the RkCrawler has a wide, wobbling hunting action. With a large lip, it bounces off cover and triggers aggressive strikes like no other crankbait has before! The SPRO RkCrawler 55 Crankbait turns a predator's natural instinct into a secure hook-up that is sure to shine at weigh-in!
NewSPRO Little John MD 50 Crankbait
SPRO Little John MD 50 Crankbait
20 Colors available
To catch a predator, the SPRO Little John MD 50 Crankbait reaches a depth of nine feet, where the hungry bass like to feed. With a thicker and longer lip than the original Little John, this crankbait dives quickly and deflects easily off structures. Featuring a tungsten weight transfer system, you’ll have incredible casts and the lure will swim perfectly. Created by B.A.S.S Elite Series Angler John Crews, the SPRO Little John MD 50 Crankbait is an excellent addition to your fishing arsenal.
NewSPRO Little John 50 Crankbait
SPRO Little John 50 Crankbait
27 Colors available
You'll be cranking up the action when you fish with the SPRO Little John 50 Crankbait this bass season. Created by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler John Crews, the Little John was designed to be durable and sensitive, perfect for shallow fishing. Equipped with a semi-silent weight transfer system, your casts will be far and on target. Little John features a circuit board lip for added sensitivity and strength for deflecting off structure. This crankbait creates a tight little side-to-side wobble so ...
NewSPRO Bronzeye Shad
SPRO Bronzeye Shad
9 Colors available
"Walk" away with your next big trophy using the SPRO Bronzeye Shad! This topwater frog features a built-in walking action that makes walking the dog effortless. Created by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler, Dean Rojas, it features legs made of living rubber for incredible action right out of the box! You won’t have trouble getting the Bronzeye Shad to sashay back and forth in matted grass, lily pads, or open water. Its collapsible body hides two sharp Gamakatsu hooks for the ultimate hook-up.
NewWOO! Tungsten Flipping Beads
WOO! Tungsten Flipping Beads
2 Colors available
Did you hear that? No, but I bet your next big bass did. WOO! Tungsten Flipping Beads are the perfect addition to your WOO! Tungsten punch weight. When this resin flipping bead hits the punch weight, it adds the right amount to get fish interested. These flipping beads will not cut or fray your line so that swamp donkey won’t get away. WOO! Tungsten Flipping Beads are a great way to protect your knot as well as add just enough noise to catch the attention of bass in thick cover.
NewWOO! Tungsten Eyeball Flipping Beads
WOO! Tungsten Eyeball Flipping Beads
2 Colors available
The WOO! Tungsten Eyeball Flipping Beads make a unique clicking noise under water that will bring you more bites. Their color pattern resembles baitfish eyes in the water. Made of resin with a smooth hole, these flipping beads won't cut or fray your line like other materials. Sure to get the attention of the giants hiding in the water, these little beauties are a must-have addition to your rigs!
NewB Fish N Tackle AuthentX RibbFinn
B Fish N Tackle AuthentX RibbFinn
8 Colors available
Attract and land more coldwater 'eyes and smallies with the B Fish N Tackle AuthentX RibbFinn! Featuring a ribbed belly with a split tail Ribb-Finn, this soft bait creates just enough vibration and air bubbles to make fish take a second look. The plastic minnow imitator moves through the water with a subtle yet seductive glide while the split tail shimmies. You can rig the RibbFinn weedless or use it as a trailer on your favorite jig. Whether you jerk it, jig it, or swim it, the B Fish N Tackle ...
NewLive Target Hollow Body Craw
Live Target Hollow Body Craw
8 Colors available
Winner of ICAST 2018 Best Freshwater Soft Lure, the Live Target Hollow Body Craw strategically combines a jig with a hollow body for a one-of-a-kind presentation. Setting a new standard for crawfish imitators, the Hollow Body Craw begins with a detail jighead followed by a snag-resistant hollow body that moves effortlessly through heavy cover. The hollow body enables you to add a scent or attractant for a long-lasting trail. When this artificial crawfish hits the bottom, it will emit tiny air bu...
$8.99 - $9.99
$7.79 - $8.49
NewRapid Fishing Scent Keeper Tube Jig Heads
Rapid Fishing Scent Keeper Tube Jig...
Smelling good is just as important in fishing as it is when you're courting a new lady. Fill your fishing area with lasting scent when you fish with Rapid Fishing Scent Keeper Tube Jig Heads! These jigheads are wrapped with a chenille wire that absorbs scent better. You can soak the jighead in your favorite attractant or spritz it on before you place your tube on the jig. The smell will disperse evenly in the water, keeping it in your fishing area instead of washing away. The chenille wire also ...
NewEurotackle Z-Darter
Eurotackle Z-Darter
3 Colors available
Eurotackle is changing the way you hard water fish with the Eurotackle Z-Darter. Thanks to a unique, internal weight structure, this jigging lure will produce a wide darting action and move aggressively in circles. Its small, realistic profile mimics the familiar minnow shape. Created with vertical jigging in mind, the Z-Darter will perform phenomenally in open water and ice fishing. Stand at the forefront of innovation, use the Eurotackle Z-Darter the next time you hit the ice!
$5.99 - $6.29
NewJackall 009PS Riser Bait
Jackall 009PS Riser Bait
6 Colors available
Rise up to the challenge with the Jackall 009PS Riser Bait! Featuring the same upward angled lip as the Riser 007R, this hard bait rises fast and causes a commotion at the surface. The 009PS Riser is built with gill slits to create bubbles on the retrieve while its cupped mouth makes sounds and splashes. For even MORE water disturbance, Jackall added a propeller to give this bait a larger presence in the water. The size of this hard bait is perfect for use with your favorite baitcasting combo. C...
NewSavage Gear 3D Prop Pike Smash Tail
Savage Gear 3D Prop Pike Smash Tail
4 Colors available
Built to attract trophy bass, pike, and musky, the Savage Gear 3D Prop Pike Smash Tail produces serious splash that is undeniable. This hard bait features an ultra-realistic design based upon a 3D scan of a juvenile pike, making it irresistible. The Prop Pike's cupped tail scoops water to produce a plopping sound while a metal rivet in the tail enhances the sound even more. Expect savage strikes from monster predators when you fish with the Savage Gear 3D Prop Pike Smash Tail!
$12.99 - $14.99
NewSavage Gear 3D Cicada Crawler
Savage Gear 3D Cicada Crawler
3 Colors available
With top-notch attraction in a tiny package, the Savage Gear 3D Cicada Crawler walks across the surface of the water, sending out vibrations and wakes. The topwater commotion created by the Cicada Crawler emulates a real bug in distress, which just so happens to be a tasty treat for bass, trout, chub, or perch. Created using a 3D scan of a cicada, this lure features a realistic profile with a durable ABS body and semi-soft PVC wings. For those who dare to catch bigger fish, the Savage Gear Cicad...
NewSavage Gear 4D Splitfin Pulse-Tail Trout
Savage Gear 4D Splitfin Pulse-Tail ...
4 Colors available
You've never seen anything like this before! Perfect for swimbait fanatics, the Savage Gear 4D Splitfin Pulse-Tail Trout has an ultra-realistic body profile based upon a scan of a real trout. Its unique wedge tail design features cleavage on each side to produce a unique vortex while swimming naturally. You won't believe your eyes when you see this trout swimming on the retrieve. The line-through trout moves through the water with ease, delivering a subtle, tight-kicking action at any speed. Inf...
$12.99 - $22.99
$11.49 - $19.99
NewSavage Gear 3D Wake Snake
Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake
4 Colors available
Everyone knows that a bass' favorite appetizer is the baby snake, and Savage Gear has perfected the baby snake imitator. The Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake was modeled after a 3D scan of a real snake, giving it super realistic details such as 3D eyes and textured scale patterns. We showed these snakes to some of the ladies in the office, and they were thoroughly creeped out, so we know they'll trick bass! The Savage Gear 3D Wake Snake features a multi-jointed body to produce a natural slithering swim...
$16.99 - $19.99
NewSavage Gear 3D Smash Tail
Savage Gear 3D Smash Tail
11 Colors available
If you desire a topwater bait with an irresistible presence, you need the Savage Gear 3D Smash Tail in your fishing arsenal. The Smash Tail begins with the familiar baitfish profile, and that's where the similarities with other lures end. The spinning cupped tail scoops water as it rotates, creating a splash and plopping sound at any retrieval speed. A metal rivet in the tail enhances the sound by adding a loud squeak. The unique tail design produces a rowdy topwater action that is impossible fo...
$10.99 - $16.99
NewRapala X-Rap Subwalk
Rapala X-Rap Subwalk
12 Colors available
When chuggers and topwater spooks aren't working; try walking the dog just under the surface and see bass go wild! The Rapala X-Rap Subwalk skitters less than two feet below the surface when you employ the walk-the-dog technique, right where baitfish are chased. Work this hard bait slowly, letting it sink and glide on the pause; then, using various retrieval rates, the Subwalk will rattle with a side-to-side action. Its unique lateral tail fin provides stability for quick retrieves. With an inte...
$10.29 - $14.49
Rapala Balsa Xtreme BX Waking Minnow
Rapala Balsa Xtreme BX Waking Minnow
8 Colors available
Take it to the extreme with the Rapala Balsa Xtreme BX Waking Minnow! Featuring the classic slow-rolling action that shallow bass love, this surface-waking hard bait provides incredible performance. Rapala wanted to have the best of both worlds; it is built tough with a rugged design of a balsa core with a durable copolymer outer shell, giving it perfect buoyancy and durability. You can cast the Waking Minnow long distances, and when you use a slow retrieve, it will get hammered all day long. Th...
NewKalin's Sizmic Shad
Kalin's Sizmic Shad
You're gonna want to keep an eye on the Richter scale when you're fishing with Kalin's Sizmic Shad! This soft bait begins with an ultra-realistic 3-D head and a baitfish profile to glide through weeds with ease. The Sizmic Shad features a ribbed body and thick paddle tail to create a unique, earth-shattering thump and vibration. Rig this hearty shad on a swim jig, drop shot it, or use it on an Alabama rig; the possibilities are endless. As soon as you cast one of Kalin's Sizmic Shads, you'll cre...
NewRapala X-Rap Shad Shallow
Rapala X-Rap Shad Shallow
10 Colors available
The Rapala X-Rap Shad Shallow lure is the ideal option for shallow water presentations to the pesky fish hiding in emerging weeds or up against drop-offs. The X-Rap Shad Shallow lure's premium internally textured finish creates an enchanting shad-like shimmer, while the dressed Premium VMC Black Nickel rear treble transforms short strikes into powerful hook-ups. The Rapala X-Rap Shad Shallow's internal long-casting mechanism ensures accurate, bullet-like casts with deadly precision and efficienc...
NewMike's UV Gel Scent
Mike's UV Gel Scent
10 Scents available
Whether freshwater or saltwater, Mike's UV Gel Scent attracts fish from around the globe. Utilizing a blend of strong scents, flavors, and amino acids, Mike's UV Gel Scent creates a powerful and unmatched fish attractant. The addition of UV draws fish close, while the scent entices them to bite. Apply directly to lures, spinners, plastic baits, tube jigs, or whatever you can think to use, and you will notice the results immediately as the bites land.
NewMike's Lunker Lotion
Mike's Lunker Lotion
12 Scents available
A favorite scent for anglers and charter guides alike, Mike's Lunker Lotion has gained a superior reputation as the quintessential ingredient for catching the fish of the day. This unique blend of rich scents, flavors, and bright neon colors combined with the gluey formula makes this a must-have for all fishers. Mike's Lunker Lotion clings onto lures and baits for a longer time, inviting in more offensive strikes and more fish to reel in.
NewMike's UV Super Scent
Mike's UV Super Scent
7 Scents available
Mike’s UV Super Scent is an all around, robust and dangerous powerhouse fish attractant. The UV flash draws fish from long distances, and the colors make it easy for curious fish to notice your baits. Mike’s UV Super Scent scents will have the fish licking their lips and get their appetite going! Just open the bottle and apply.
NewStorm Suspending Wildeye Swim Shad
Storm Suspending Wildeye Swim Shad
4 Colors available
Give yourself the upper hand with the Storm Suspending Wildeye Swim Shad. The Storm Suspending Wildeye Swim Shad has combined the strength of a lead head with the touch and action of a soft plastic lure. The implementation of an air bladder to the body allows the lure to hang right in the face of the fish when you bring it to a stop. The feel of soft plastic features makes the lure hang on just long enough to set the top-mounted single hook or lower treble hook.
NewStorm Wildeye Rippin' Swim Shad
Storm Wildeye Rippin' Swim Shad
6 Colors available
Storm Wildeye Rippin' Swim Shad produce lifelike features that empower anglers to cast with no hesitation or worry. Constructed with a sturdy, yet soft and flexible plastic body that appears natural, the Storm Wildeye Rippin' Swim Shad emphasizes a holographic swimming foil finish, internally weighted lead head, rattle chamber, and oversized tail that merge to create the tempting sound and action that fish will not be able to resist.
$7.49 - $8.79
$6.49 - $7.49
NewJackall Gavacho Frog
Jackall Gavacho Frog
6 Colors available
Make your tournament dreams a reality with the Jackall Gavacho Frog! The Gavacho provides the ultimate in performance whether you are walking or popping it. With a familiar profile and cupped mouth, this frog lure walks with ease and can have aggressive pops or more subtle actions for a finesse approach. The two large hooks are hidden by the sides of the soft body, so when a fish bites down, he'll get a mouth full of metal! For an unprecedented hook-up ratio, use the Jackall Gavacho Frog the nex...
NewJackall Pompadour Jr.
Jackall Pompadour Jr.
8 Colors available
Featuring a smaller profile with the same incredible action as the original, the Jackall Pompadour Jr. will have you hauling in bass all day long. You'll disrupt so much water with this super noisy topwater bait, all underwater eyes will be on it! Its custom metal wings will collapse when casting and open up once you hit the water, enabling you to cast farther while creating an eye-catching splash. Equipped with a swinging hook and prop, the Pompadour Jr. produces an undeniable bubbling action. ...
NewJackall Pompadour
Jackall Pompadour
8 Colors available
Disrupt the water and gain the attention of every bass in the area with the Jackall Pompadour. This super noisy topwater bait features a large body and metal wings to move a lot of water on the retrieve. The metal wings will collapse when you cast and open up once you hit the water, enabling you to cast farther while creating an eye-catching splash. The Pompadour's swinging hook and prop produces an undeniable bubbling action. Whether you use a fast or slow retrieve, you'll cause a commotion wit...
NewJackall Sasuteki Craw
Jackall Sasuteki Craw
6 Colors available
Known as one of the best jig trailers on the market, the Jackall Sasuteki Craw also excels when you're pitching and flipping around cover. With a thick and durable construction, the body works great with larger hooks. The Sasuteki Craw features large, dimpled claws that flutter naturally to slow down the descent of your bait with an attractive presentation. This craw is incredibly versatile and suits most bass fishing techniques. A favorite presentation among anglers is to rig the Jackall Sasute...
NewJackall Chunk Craw
Jackall Chunk Craw
8 Colors available
You'll see your rod bend more than ever if you're using the Jackall Chunk Craw! This craw-like creature bait features two large claws and other appendages that float and flutter through the water. Its thick body can accommodate any hook of your choosing and can be fished a variety of ways. Perfect for targeting monster bass, you can flip and punch through vegetation with ease or twitch it around wood or docks. Make your big bass dreams a reality with the Jackall Chunk Craw!
NewJackall Gantarel
Jackall Gantarel
10 Colors available
Where there are bluegills, bass are sure to strike! Fish the Jackall Gantarel big bluegill bait near cover and you won't have to wait long for a bite. The Gantarel features a jointed body, so it swims naturally, in an S-shaped motion. This slow floating lure enables you to avoid snags because it will float up to the surface when stopped. Float it next to a structure to trigger aggressive bites! Just a twitch of your rod will make this bluegill imitator take a quick, 180° turn. Equipped with swiv...
NewJackall Gantarel Jr.
Jackall Gantarel Jr.
10 Colors available
With all the same subtle, innovative features of the original in a smaller package, the Jackall Gantarel Jr. is sure to trick bass into taking a big bite! Fish this bluegill imitator bait near cover or float it next to a structure, and you won't have to wait long for a strike. The Gantarel Jr. features a five-inch jointed body; it swims naturally, in an S-shaped motion. This slow floating lure enables you to avoid snags and create an enticing presentation because it will float up to the surface ...
NewJackall Firecracker
Jackall Firecracker
6 Colors available
Known as one of the loudest buzzbaits on the market today, the Jackall Firecracker blows up in the water. Built upon a thick wire, you can handle the largest bass in your lake. Featuring a screw propeller that rotates clockwise and a prop that turns counter-clockwise, the two hit each other to make high-pitched cracking sounds and strong waves at the water's surface. The sounds and waves will echo around the water, attracting fish to your area. With premium components and high-end performance, t...
NewJackall I-Prop 75S
Jackall I-Prop 75S
7 Colors available
Created specifically for spybaiting and other finesse techniques, the Jackall I-Prop 75 features premium components in a thoughtful design. Spybaiting consists of using a light line, casting your I-Prop far, and using a slow and steady retrieve. The I-Prop can be fished in multiple levels of water, always staying horizontal due to its dual props. The props also send out vibrations in the water to mimic a naturally swimming fish. With strong Gamakatsu treble hooks that won't table with the props,...
NewJackall Archelon
Jackall Archelon
8 Colors available
You'll never need another flipping and pitching bait once you get your hands on the Jackall Archelon! With a thick, ribbed body, the Archelon have more durability compared to other beaver style soft baits. Its hollow cavity is perfect for adding your own rattle to its alluring profile. Featuring flappy legs and a small tail, it moves a lot of water to grab the attention of disinterested bass. If you love flipping and pitching in heavy cover, you need to try the Jackall Archelon!

At a Glance: Lures & Bait

Lures and baits are imitations and preserved forms of baitfish and invertebrates designed to attract predatory fish to a specific location to be caught by the hooks attached to the lures. This is the largest, most varied category of all fishing tackle. The word lure typically refers to the imitations made for casting and trolling. Baits refer to the preserved baitfish and fish parts, along with artificial baits, which may contain natural and synthetic substances to closely imitate smaller creatures and their scents. Some lures and baits can be combined to increase their effectiveness, and many anglers will modify them to create unique actions and profiles to fool heavily pressured fish.

Most lures are designed for specific tactics, water conditions, depths, speeds and predatory fish species. Lures range in weight from 1/124 oz. to several ounces, and are designed to float, suspend, sink or dive at controlled depths and increments as needed. Lures can be finished in multitudes of surface designs and colors including neons, metallics, glow, ultra-violet, and transparent finishes. The type of finish is dependent on the species they are imitating and the effect intended. They can also have different mechanical designs such as jointed sections, internal rattles, and trailer hooks. The different subcategories of lures and baits available at FishUSA include hard baits, soft baits, jigs and jig heads, spoons, spinners, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, artificial baits, prepared and cured baits, attractants and cures, worm harnesses, trolling rigs and flies, lure components and flies.

Most hard baits were originally carved from wood, which has been mostly replaced by plastics in modern lure-making, while metals are used for others. Specific types of hard baits are stickbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits, jigging lures and blade baits and topwater lures. Soft baits are rubber, silicone or other soft plastics molded into swimbaits, grubs, worms, tubes and other baitfish patterns. Jigs and jig heads are lead, tungsten, or tin weights molded onto specially designed hooks with long shanks to accept soft baits or materials to imitate various creatures. Spoons are metallic “blades” with shapes and bends similar to the eating utensil, and most often imitate swimming or injured baitfish for casting, jigging and trolling. Spinners feature metal blades which spin freely on a weighted or unweighted stiff-wire shaft and create wide-reaching vibrations to trigger fish to chase and strike. Spinnerbaits are combinations of jigs and spinners creating larger profiles and tremendous vibration and motion.

Artificial baits are products designed to specifically imitate the look and scent of live bait without the expense and difficulty of storing live bait. These include hard and soft plastic eggs and roe, paste and dough, nuggets made of similar compounds to dough but hold their shape better, larvae and waxies, and baitfish. Prepared and cured baits are natural eggs and roe, baitfish and cutbait, and worms. All of these have been preserved to prevent rot and decay. Attractants and cures are liquids and pastes to coat and spray scent onto lures, preserve and cure your own eggs and baitfish, and to attract fish to specific areas in the water.

Worm harnesses are similar to spinners but are pre-made bait rigs with blades, weights, and typically two hooks to hold nightcrawler worms for moderately-sized predatory fish. Some trolling rigs and flies function as large versions of worm harnesses to hold cutbait, while others are designed to have trolling flies or other small profile lures attached for large freshwater and saltwater species. Lure components are offered for the anglers wishing to build their own custom trolling rigs or to modify commercial harnesses.

Flies make up the final category of Lures and Bait and are specifically designed for fly fishing anglers targeting both saltwater and freshwater species. Dry flies are very light flies designed to float on the water’s surface, imitating flying insects in their adult stage. Nymphs, emergers and wet flies are tied to imitate the early and middle stages of an insect’s life below the surface. Streamers and muddlers are typically larger flies imitating baitfish, crayfish, leeches and other swimming creatures. Worms, sowbugs and scuds are imitations of bugs and worms which often fall from trees overhanging the streambanks. Poppers imitate frogs, mice and large bugs moving and splashing on the surface. Terrestrials imitate grasshoppers, crickets and ants that feed hungry fish when they miss the next blade of grass and end up in the water. Crayfish are wide-profile wet flies imitating the crab-like crayfish that are food for fish in streams, rivers and ponds. Egg patterns imitate single eggs and egg clusters primarily used for trout and salmon.

The top five lure and bait brands at FishUSA are Rapala, Yo-Zuri, Berkley, Reef Runner and Smithwick.