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NewReins Ax Claw
Reins Ax Claw
10 Colors available
The Reins Ax Claw is one of the most attractive soft baits for bass on the market today. Incredibly versatile, the Ax Claw can be utilized successfully in many different presentations. It is exceptionally deadly on a Texas rig but also proven effective when used as a jig trailer on a swim or football jig. You can even add a skirt to create a more substantial presence in the water. Its thick, ribbed body releases air bubbles as it sinks, while its oversized claws generate a lot of enticing moveme...
NewReins C-Pod Creature
Reins C-Pod Creature
7 Colors available
The Reins C-Pod Creature was designed to be a larger version of a Copepod, a zooplankton that is a bass' first meal. Its bulky body and many tentacles produce tons of subtle action. Once a bass sees the C-Pod Creature, its instincts take over, triggering a strike. This soft plastic fishing lure can easily fit a 5/0 hook providing you with multiple rigging options. You can flip, pitch, swim, or drop shot it. You can use it on a Carolina or Texas rig, moving it slowly and off the bottom. The C-Pod...
NewReins Punchin' Predator
Reins Punchin' Predator
10 Colors available
The Reins Punchin' Predator is designed explicitly for flipping, pitching, and punching through thick vegetation where bass like to hide. This soft lure features a thick, ribbed body with round claws and a flat tail that creates a smooth, natural gliding action. If you come across laydowns, docks, or shoreline structures, the Punchin' Predator can slip in and out of that area flawlessly. This soft bait works great on a Texas rig or shaky head jig. You can bounce it on the bottom to look like a c...
NewReins Paddle Tail Worm
Reins Paddle Tail Worm
8 Colors available
Reins Paddle Tail Worms are your go-to worms, fully customizable to fit multiple presentations and techniques. These worms do it all and do it better. These baits are built with a specially formulated soft plastic that allows you to modify and cut the tail in different shapes easily. Straight out of the bag, you have a 6-inch worm with a unique paddle tail that produces vibrations with every thump. You can modify the tail by cutting it to make a forked or notched tail, or remove the tail for a c...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Nedbait
Tightlines UV Whiskers Nedbait
7 Colors available
The Tightlines UV Whiskers Nedbait features a small, streamlined body that is perfect for ultra-finesse presentations and bright UV coloring to attract even the pickiest of fish. Made to be fished in a small jig head as per the Midwest finesse technique (or Ned Rig), this Nedbait worm also features silicone whiskers to add extra mouth-watering flair. The Nedbait is also infused with the FishBomb garlic scent, a Hi-Viz UV additive that can be seen, smelt AND tasted! Tightlines UV uses UV technolo...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Scott Martin The Punch
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Scot...
15 Colors available
Developed with professional angler Scott Martin, the Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Scott Martin The Punch has the best features to penetrate thick vegetation and move smoothly through structures where bass hide. It was specifically designed to increase interest from bass while you are punching and flipping this bait in and out of cover. Its streamlined profile easily maneuvers around cover with fewer snags. Molded claws will float in the water while the twin set of flowing silicone whiskers cre...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Hog
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-B...
11 Colors available
Fish have never seen anything like the Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Hog. The unbelievably unique soft bait has incorporated some of the most desired attributes to mimic a variety of different creatures in the water. Its ribbed body features an internal rattle with a premium silicone skirt threaded through it. Also, it has a dual set of flippers and twin curly tails to create phenomenal action, displacing a ton of water. Infused with FishBomb crawfish scent, this attractive soft bait wi...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Craw
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-B...
21 Colors available
You have never seen anything like the Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Craw! The front cavity of its body is hollow with a rattle inside that makes a click'n craw sound with every rod twitch. It features flapping claws that resemble a crawfish and flowing whiskers that creates wild movements in the water. Infused with FishBomb crawfish scent, this attractive soft bait will draw fish to your area and trigger strikes. If you desire a large wild presentation while you are targeting bass, this...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers WHenko Rig
Tightlines UV Whiskers WHenko Rig
13 Colors available
The Tightlines UV Whiskers WHenko Rig combines a UV bright coloring with dual silicone skirts to create an attractive yet naturally flowing action that bass cannot resist. This beefy, unconventional stickbait is perfect for power anglers looking to catch their next trophy fish. If your fishing style is more Midwest Finesse, you can customize your rig by cutting the segmented worm in half. The WHenko rig is infused with the FishBomb garlic scent, a Hi-Viz UV additive that fish see, smell, and tas...
NewSnag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog
Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog
5 Colors available
The Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog combines the best of two effective topwater lures for a presentation that will demand the attention of any bass. This combination of hollow-body frog and buzzbait is bursting with features such as a lightweight aluminum blade, Snag Proof's classic hollow frog body with inner tube technology, kicking paddle feet, and a super sharp Gamakatsu extra wide gap double hook. This bait is ideal for fishing shallow waters and calling up explosive strikes.
NewBooyah Counter Strike Buzz
Booyah Counter Strike Buzz
5 Colors available
Bass and bass fisherman alike can't resist the Booyah Counter Strike Buzz. These awesome buzzbaits feature two counter-rotating buzz blades that are plated for extra flash and make a distinct noise bass can't NOT hear. A unique triangle-shaped head helps this bait plane quickly to the surface and cut through heavy cover like it's nothing. The colors and finely-detailed scales are created through a multi-step painting process and match the silicone skirt of the Booyah Counter Strike Buzz impeccab...
NewSnag Proof Wobbletron Frog
Snag Proof Wobbletron Frog
5 Colors available
The Snag Proof Wobbletron Frog combines an excellent kicking action with a precisely weighted body design to give you a superior frog. Professional angler, Bobby Barrack, has teamed with Snag Proof to make this weedless, easy-to-cast frog that provides solid hook-ups and a great gurgling and churning action from the kicking feet. This bait also includes a loud internal glass rattle and a custom-made Gamakatsu double hook. Fish it anywhere - heavy cover, grass, open water, around docks and wooded...
NewSnag Proof Phat Frog
Snag Proof Phat Frog
5 Colors available
The Snag Proof Phat Frog is a go-to topwater bait, whether you're fishing bass in open water or thick cover. The Phat Frog features a heavier body for stronger casts, even on windy days, and the position of the legs provides for better hooksets. A flatter profile makes this lure track smoothly through vegetation, and super-strong and a super-sharp Gamakatsu extra wide gap hook makes this soft, durable frog deadly.
NewSnag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog
Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog
8 Colors available
The Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog is the combination of an old classic and professional modifications. Professional angler, Bobby Barrack, has found success for over 13 years with Snag Proof's hollow-body frogs - but he has always used his own modifications. Now, you can buy the frog with his adjustments, tie it on, and throw it right out of the package. Walk this bait like a pro next to boat docks, over wood, through lily pads and vegetation. Bobby Barrack himself recommends using this bait w...
NewBooyah One Knocker Lipless Crankbait
Booyah One Knocker Lipless Crankbait
12 Colors available
The Booyah One Knocker Lipless Crankbait provides a well-known thump like no other that fish go crazy for. Featuring carefully designed colors with realistic scales and a single oversized tungsten rattle, this irresistible bait is sure to be a worthy addition in your tackle box. The build of the Booyah One Knocker is lipless and aerodynamic for longer casts.
NewBooyah Buzz
Booyah Buzz
6 Colors available
The Booyah Buzz delivers enticingly loud sound in a slick, irresistible buzzbait design. With not only a straight-and-true running buzz blade but an included clacker blade, this bait planes quickly and creates pandemonium in the water with it's loud vibrations and streamlined design. The Booyah Buzz also features Mustad hooks and a colorful 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt.
NewBooyah Boss Pop
Booyah Boss Pop
8 Colors available
The Booyah Boss Pop delivers versatile and easy-to-use topwater action that bass will crave. Whether you’re popping or walking or any other technique in between, this bait is deadly at any retrieve speed. The Boss Pop features a shallow cupped mouth to create extra splashing to imitate distressed baitfish, and combined with the enticing colors and feather-dressed treble nothing will be in between you and the next strike.
NewBooyah Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait
Booyah Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait
10 Colors available
With tournament-proven success in murky and cold water conditions, bass anglers have a winner with the Booyah Double Willow Blade Spinnerbait. This spinnerbait is outfitted with premium components such as a 55-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt that undulates like a live baitfish, durable and mega-sharp Mustad hook, and flashy double willow blades for maximum vibration.
NewBooyah Pad Crasher Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher Frog
9 Colors available
The Booyah Pad Crasher Frog is made to get strikes in the heaviest, thickest vegetation and cover. Walk the dog easily in open water with the Pad Crasher Frog’s specially-designed belly and hollow body with a drain hole in the tail. Tough enough to take the biggest bite and designed well enough to get it, this is the bait for bass anglers to entice the nastiest bass out there.
NewBooyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog
5 Colors available
The Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog is rough and tough bass catchin’ action in a small sized frog bait. Walk the dog easily in open water with the Pad Crasher Frog’s specially-designed “bass boat” belly and hollow drain-thru body with a drain hole in the tail. Durable and virtually snag proof, this bait is good enough to nab the nastiest bass out there in the thickest vegetation and cover.
NewBooyah Prank Lipped Popper
Booyah Prank Lipped Popper
8 Colors available
The Booyah Prank Lipped Popper is an excellent choice for heavily fished waters. This deadly hard bait has a unique design that allows it to be fished on the top like a traditional popper or cranked through shallow waters. Featuring a cupped and shaved mouth, the Lipped Popper spits water to get attention on the surface. It has a small lip with a shaved back to help it dive and swim in the water with a unique style in the water that is sure to attract monster fish. The trailing treble is accentu...
NewEco Pro Swing Shad
Eco Pro Swing Shad
14 Colors available
The Eco Pro Swing Shad features a lifelike profile with killer action to attract bass all year round. Its ribbed body and thin paddle tail produces an active swinging movement. The paddle tail thumps on the retrieve, sending out powerful vibrations to attract bass to your area. The soft solid body of the shad provides ample space for a variety of rigs. This soft bait works exceptionally well when used on spinnerbait, chatterbait, Carolina rig, Texas rig, A-rig or jig. The Eco Pro Swing Shad is m...
NewEco Pro Tungsten Thunder Spin Jig Head
Eco Pro Tungsten Thunder Spin Jig Head
6 Colors available
With highly realistic details, the Eco Pro Tungsten Thunder Spin Jig Head is perfect to grab the attention of predator fish that are foraging for baitfish. This jig head is built with tungsten, providing you with a smaller profile that can slip through structures or jigged off the bottom. It also features a super-bright willow blade to produce an attention-grabbing flash that bass cannot ignore. For guaranteed hooksets, the Eco Pro Tungsten Thunder Spin Jig Head is equipped with a Lazer Trokar h...
$5.29 - $6.79
NewEco Pro Tungsten Kira Casting Jig
Eco Pro Tungsten Kira Casting Jig
6 Colors available
The Eco Pro Tungsten Kira Casting Jig features a compact and denser profile with a multi-strand weedguard that allows you to fish around heavy cover with fewer snags. Because tungsten is more sensitive than lead, you can feel every subtle bite, thus increasing your hook-up rates. The hand-tied skirt creates movement while hiding its premium needlepoint 3/0 hook from unsuspecting bass.
$4.29 - $6.79
NewAccent River Special Colorado / Willow Spinnerbait
Accent River Special Colorado / Wil...
6 Colors available
The Accent River Special Colorado / Willow Spinnerbait mimics smaller baitfish to entice bass and other fish to come looking for a bite. This bait is designed with a compact profile, a chip-resistant head, 3D eyes, and a high-quality silicone skirt on a light wire profile. The River Special lure tracks straight and is made for pressured waters and finicky fish.
NewBooyah Hard Knocker Lipless Crankbait
Booyah Hard Knocker Lipless Crankbait
12 Colors available
Booyah Hard Knocker Lipless Crankbaits feature effective sounds and a smooth design to keep your fishing game high all day long. These cranks are designed to be aerodynamic for longer casts and feature a lipless design, premium finishes, 3D eyes, and finely drawn scaling for realistic detail. The multi-ball rattle realistically imitates the sound of distressed baitfish, letting big bass know it's time for a bite.
NewYUM Wooly Hawgtail
YUM Wooly Hawgtail
9 Colors available
The YUM Wooly Hawgtail is a unique creature bait with a crawfish-like profile when retrieved. The hard-nosed body with flapping and curled tails kick the movement up a notch, and the compact ribbed body only adds to the presentation. Whether you're pitching, flipping, rigging on a jighead or more, this versatile bait will be sure to win you the biggest bite of the day.
NewNetBait Paca Chunk
NetBait Paca Chunk
42 Colors available
The NetBait Paca Chunk is a meaty little soft bait that will give your jig an impressive presentation. Its patented Paca claws will create incredible fish-attracting action while it is hopping on the bottom or swimming through the water. The claws generate a spiraling effect, allowing the bait to fall slowly. Pair the Paca Chunk with your favorite jig head or utilize it on a Texas rig for a successful fishing day. This little soft bait is infused with a unique blend of scents and salt to trigger...
NewEco Pro Tungsten Rapid Fire Spinnerbait
Eco Pro Tungsten Rapid Fire Spinner...
4 Colors available
With a compact profile, the Eco Pro Tungsten Rapid Fire Spinnerbait provides excellent action at any speed. The cupped-shaped, mirrored blades come to life and spin like propellers, creating flashes of light and vibration in the water. Its head is built with premium-grade tungsten, allowing the spinnerbait to stay perfectly balanced and run true at all times. This spinnerbait is a great addition to your tackle box if you desire to vary your technique around pressured fish. The Rapid Fire Spinner...
NewNetBait Baby Paca Craw
NetBait Baby Paca Craw
34 Colors available
With all the same fish-attracting features, the NetBait Baby Paca Craw is considered the versatile little brother to the original Paca Craw. The smaller profile is perfect for a jig trailer or on a Texas rig. Its patented claws generate a helicopter effect that allows the bait to slowly sink, presenting bass with what they think is a tasty treat. The hollow body design allows you to insert a rattle or use it for additional scent. Constructed of durable, hand-poured plastics infused with salt, th...
NewNetBait Paca Chunk Sr.
NetBait Paca Chunk Sr.
29 Colors available
Constructed of durable hand-poured plastic, the NetBait Paca Chunk Sr. will entice multiple strikes. Its thick body will stay put on your hook or jig while the patented Paca claws generate fish-attracting action. The Paca Chunk Sr. features a larger profile than the original Paca Chunk that bass cannot refuse. This little soft bait is infused with a special blend of scents and salt to trigger strikes from fish and make them hold on longer. The Chunk Sr. works great on a simple round jig head; bu...
NewNetBait Kickin' B
NetBait Kickin' B
7 Colors available
Grab your net and get ready because the NetBait Kickin' B is sure to help you reel in trophy bass this year. The Kickin' B's thick, ribbed body and frog-like appendages create phenomenal action and water disturbance to grab the attention of nearby bass quickly. This durable soft bait is hand-poured and features a perfect balance of salt and scent to trigger strikes and make fish hold on longer. Originally designed to be a punch bait and fished on top of grass mats, it perfectly imitates a frog. ...
NewNetBait Contour Worm
NetBait Contour Worm
6 Colors available
Featuring a never before seen profile, the NetBait Contour Worm is highly effective when used in finesse applications. Its ribbed body is thicker near the head and becomes thinner to create an alluring silhouette that produces a natural movement with swirling light to mesmerize bass. The Contour Worm essentially "lights up" as you twitch and move your rod. Combining an incredibly durable, hand-poured formula with salt makes a tantalizing treat for any bass. The Contour Worm excels when you pair ...
NewNetBait Mini Kickin' B
NetBait Mini Kickin' B
9 Colors available
The NetBait Mini Kickin' B has all the same great features as the original Kickin' B but in a more compact package. The thick, ribbed body with frog-like appendages create water disturbance and action as you fish it on top or around grass beds. Due to its smaller profile, you can successfully fish it as a punch bait or as flipping bait. The Mini Kickin' B truly shines when it is paired with a football head or finesse jig. Infused with a unique blend of scents and salt, this soft bait makes bass ...
NewNetBait Paca Slim
NetBait Paca Slim
18 Colors available
The newest addition to NetBait's infamous Paca series, the NetBait Paca Slim gives you a rapid swimming motion with a more slender presentation. It features the must-have claws along with two sets of legs to create a natural movement in the water. Its solid body is textured to provide a more realistic profile and feel to the craw. This little soft bait is infused with a unique blend of scents and salt to trigger strikes from fish and make them hold on longer. This highly versatile bait can be fi...
NewNetBait Paca Craw
NetBait Paca Craw
23 Colors available
Known as one of the most versatile soft plastic baits on the market, the NetBait Paca Craw gives you a lethal profile that bass cannot resist. Featuring patented claws and hollow body design, it truly looks and feels like the real thing! The soft floating claws create a helicopter effect to sink slowly, giving bass a tantalizing offer to strike. Constructed of durable, hand-poured plastics infused with salt, this soft bait will entice and survive multiple bites. Whether you like to flip or pitch...
NewYUM Christie Craw
YUM Christie Craw
10 Colors available
The YUM Christie Craw has all the action and looks of a real craw in a compact presentation. Designed to swim and flail on the drop like a real crawfish, this soft bait features claws with thicker plastic on the ends and ribs for added movement. With a smaller profile than some other craw style baits, the YUM Christie Craw can slip in and out of heavy cover and tight spots unlike any other.
NewYUM Boogee Tail
YUM Boogee Tail
4 Colors available
The YUM Boogee Tail features a ringed design and split tails to add extra action to your spinnerbaits. On top of the irresistible colors and the rings that provide undulating motion, these baits feature YUM's signature scientifically-proven infused scent. Whether you are fishing for bass or other gamefish, the Boogee Tail is sure to provide the extra action and attraction you need to bring in more fish.
NewYUM Bad Mamma
YUM Bad Mamma
12 Colors available
The YUM Bad Mamma works deep cover like no other soft bait. Designed with a compact, ribbed body, twin flappers, and a double tail, this soft plastic fishing lure can be fished as-is or separated for more movement. The Bad Mamma is made with pitching and flipping in mind, and it will be sure to catch you your next big bite.
NewAccent Jacob Wheeler Original Keeper Buzz
Accent Jacob Wheeler Original Keepe...
8 Colors available
For superior topwater performance, look no further than the Accent Jacob Wheeler Original Keeper Buzz. Designed to meet the needs of professional angler Jacob Wheeler, this bait features an extra large buzzbait blade and an optional skirt for a completely customizable presentation. The larger blade ensures the most surface action and also helps your bait get to the surface faster, so you can spend your time fishing more efficiently.

At a Glance: Lures & Bait

Lures and baits are imitations and preserved forms of baitfish and invertebrates designed to attract predatory fish to a specific location to be caught by the hooks attached to the lures. This is the largest, most varied category of all fishing tackle. The word lure typically refers to the imitations made for casting and trolling. Baits refer to the preserved baitfish and fish parts, along with artificial baits, which may contain natural and synthetic substances to closely imitate smaller creatures and their scents. Some lures and baits can be combined to increase their effectiveness, and many anglers will modify them to create unique actions and profiles to fool heavily pressured fish.

Most lures are designed for specific tactics, water conditions, depths, speeds and predatory fish species. Lures range in weight from 1/124 oz. to several ounces, and are designed to float, suspend, sink or dive at controlled depths and increments as needed. Lures can be finished in multitudes of surface designs and colors including neons, metallics, glow, ultra-violet, and transparent finishes. The type of finish is dependent on the species they are imitating and the effect intended. They can also have different mechanical designs such as jointed sections, internal rattles, and trailer hooks. The different subcategories of lures and baits available at FishUSA include hard baits, soft baits, jigs and jig heads, spoons, spinners, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, artificial baits, prepared and cured baits, attractants and cures, worm harnesses, trolling rigs and flies, lure components and flies.

Most hard baits were originally carved from wood, which has been mostly replaced by plastics in modern lure-making, while metals are used for others. Specific types of hard baits are stickbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits, jigging lures and blade baits and topwater lures. Soft baits are rubber, silicone or other soft plastics molded into swimbaits, grubs, worms, tubes and other baitfish patterns. Jigs and jig heads are lead, tungsten, or tin weights molded onto specially designed hooks with long shanks to accept soft baits or materials to imitate various creatures. Spoons are metallic “blades” with shapes and bends similar to the eating utensil, and most often imitate swimming or injured baitfish for casting, jigging and trolling. Spinners feature metal blades which spin freely on a weighted or unweighted stiff-wire shaft and create wide-reaching vibrations to trigger fish to chase and strike. Spinnerbaits are combinations of jigs and spinners creating larger profiles and tremendous vibration and motion.

Artificial baits are products designed to specifically imitate the look and scent of live bait without the expense and difficulty of storing live bait. These include hard and soft plastic eggs and roe, paste and dough, nuggets made of similar compounds to dough but hold their shape better, larvae and waxies, and baitfish. Prepared and cured baits are natural eggs and roe, baitfish and cutbait, and worms. All of these have been preserved to prevent rot and decay. Attractants and cures are liquids and pastes to coat and spray scent onto lures, preserve and cure your own eggs and baitfish, and to attract fish to specific areas in the water.

Worm harnesses are similar to spinners but are pre-made bait rigs with blades, weights, and typically two hooks to hold nightcrawler worms for moderately-sized predatory fish. Some trolling rigs and flies function as large versions of worm harnesses to hold cutbait, while others are designed to have trolling flies or other small profile lures attached for large freshwater and saltwater species. Lure components are offered for the anglers wishing to build their own custom trolling rigs or to modify commercial harnesses.

Flies make up the final category of Lures and Bait and are specifically designed for fly fishing anglers targeting both saltwater and freshwater species. Dry flies are very light flies designed to float on the water’s surface, imitating flying insects in their adult stage. Nymphs, emergers and wet flies are tied to imitate the early and middle stages of an insect’s life below the surface. Streamers and muddlers are typically larger flies imitating baitfish, crayfish, leeches and other swimming creatures. Worms, sowbugs and scuds are imitations of bugs and worms which often fall from trees overhanging the streambanks. Poppers imitate frogs, mice and large bugs moving and splashing on the surface. Terrestrials imitate grasshoppers, crickets and ants that feed hungry fish when they miss the next blade of grass and end up in the water. Crayfish are wide-profile wet flies imitating the crab-like crayfish that are food for fish in streams, rivers and ponds. Egg patterns imitate single eggs and egg clusters primarily used for trout and salmon.

The top five lure and bait brands at FishUSA are Rapala, Yo-Zuri, Berkley, Reef Runner and Smithwick.