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Eagle Claw Barrel Swivels with Safety Snaps

10 Reviews
SKU: F10305


Eagle Claw Barrel Swivels are quality swivels, designed to assure smooth movement and eliminate line twist. These swivels have a solid ring and a lock snap.


SizeLength (in.)Test (lbs.)Qty. per Pack
101 1/8127
71 5/8126
51 1/2155
31 7/8204
12 1/4303

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews


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Strong swivels!!!


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Strong , good quality

Very good for fresh water

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eagle claw quality is as good as American

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Always been a eagle claw fan of swivels and My first trout rod was the eagle claw Yellow 5`6 Ultra Lite rod from the 70`s. I like to use the snap swivel to attach my leaders and slinkies to it when i`m drifting rivers . snap is good and the swivel avoids line twist in case I get a nice one and she wants to do circle jumps and the rest that trout and steelhead do. the strength is good and in a size 10 or 12 in Black color i`m happy with them!!!

Not worth buying


I used to use eagle claw all the time never had any kind of issues out of them and I can say the quality has really gone down hill not just the swivel but the steel leaders are just terrible your better off just tying off to your baits and hooks because they always slip out of the clip and break

Nice Product.

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Strong. Makes changing baits easy.

Quickly becomes weakest link

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Woefully inadequate when used with #12 Tuf-Cast . Good for one or two 3-4# lakers and then repeatedly pulled apart in the middle on the third or fourth . Not an isolated flaw . Hooks and only hooks from Eagle Claw .

Quality for a good price

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Quality tackle equipment at a good price.

Pretty good

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Small but strong

eagle claw .Proven tackle for years

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Outside the eagle claw 024 Wide gap hook i use I will use a eagle Claw swivel in either a 10 or 12 to Rig My Fixed Slinkie or lead while Im trout fihing or Traout fishing the rivers . Makes for a good drift and The price , Quality and the Eagle Claw History is a trusted name