Bagley Rumble B

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$7.29 to $7.49


Bagley Rumble B lures are designed to catch those big gamefish. With a unique swimming lip, these lures move through the water with a rocking motion that creates an incredible fish-enticing action. Bagley Rumble B lures have a low, resonating rattle for increased attraction. These lures come in a variety of fish-catching colors, one per pack.

  • Rattle for increased attraction
  • Designed to catch larger fish
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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4/14/2015 12:00:00 am

Rumble Me!

by Wallnuckle

Saw these at a local sport show so I bought a couple of these here and gave them a go this recently fishing on the Missouri river. Holy smokes. This bait runs deep and with great was not fighting the water as much as swimming. The flash was fantastic and we hooked fish all day on them. Cannot wait for summer with these for the wally's.

4/17/2015 12:00:00 am

Seriously Great

by Wallyknuckle

I got this new bait from a friend who reps Bagley. He said just try it. Oh boy. Has a very unique swimming lip that makes the bait rock and flash in the water. Used pretty light tackle and could feel it swimming but without a ton of drag. Very sensitive. Then bang. Not sure how deep it got but felt like 15-18. Might actually be deeper. Caught several nice walleye on it. The finish of the bait is great. I told my buddy to get me more...but he can't. Fish USA!

10/30/2015 12:00:00 am

DEADLY Tight Wobble

by Leggitt57 -

I bought this original to troll Lake Erie for walleye, however I had the best luck every and hit lake Erie when even the MWC pros couldn't boat a fish. I however live on a lake full of bass and pike and in 90 seconds of trolling one of these Rumble B's out of the box I had a 2.5lb bass on. In about 4 hours of trolling one these it has boated me 20+ Bass and 10 or so pike with the biggest one being near 30". Overall just a great lure and of course is my number one place to purchase any fishing related gear online. They just cannot be beat!

7/10/2019 2:47 pm

Rumble B: 9 Bandits: 3

by Rick C.

I fished the Rumble B for the 1st time last week on Lake Erie. I had used Bandits only for 4 straight days and managed 9 walleye day 1, 18 day 2, 12 day 3 and 24 day 4. Two of us went out day 4, ran 1 Rumble B13 and 3 Bandits. 12 walleye limit in 1 hour and 20 minutes. 9 walleye on Rumble B and 3 on Bandits....I was totally blown away. I will still run Bandits but the Rumble B will definitely be in the game. Just order 2 dozen more of them and headed back to the lake this weekend!

6/8/2020 5:27 pm

What can I say--it's a Bagley!

by Greg G.

What can I say, it's a Bagley. Theses lures are killers. Started using them way back in the day when their plugs were made of balsa. These have the same great action. Try these on bass too-- you won't be disappointed.

6/8/2020 5:30 pm

What can I say--it's a Bagley!

by Greg G.

Super action, just as good as the days when these were made of Balsa (yes, I'm old enough to remember that). Don't just use them on walleye, try them on bass- you won't be disappointed.

7/13/2020 12:16 pm



One of the hottest trolling lures for walleyes ,It produces ....

7/29/2020 7:12 am

Walleye Slayer

by Randy Zimmerman

About 5-6 of us started using the Rumble B over the past 3 years on the St Lawrence River,They consistently outperform any other trolling lure in our arsenal for walleyes.