Atlas Magic Thread

Item No.: 100388

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

Atlas Magic Thread makes sac tying easier and faster. Just turn three times around the stem of the sac, pull tightly, three more turns, and pull tightly again. That's all. No knotting is required! This thread is simple and effective. It is also an excellent bait saver. Wrap around bait on the hook or lure to hold bait on longer. This works great with baits such as shrimp, herring, sardine, salmon, steelhead roe, crayfish, and minnows.

  • Qty. per roll: 100 ft.

The Atlas Magic Thread is made in the U.S.A.

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ties and holds bait on for more cast…

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No need to tie just rap and pull. Bait doesn't come off hook in seaweed.


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Magic Thread it works like magic

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I have looked for a product like this for a while. I utilize this product as a slip cork string, and for making (chicken liver) bait bags for catfishing. It is unique and works great!

Works great!

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A lot better than regular thread and no knots needed.

my #1 thread

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very easy to use, holds well, my only problem is when i drop it...takes a bit to reroll it, my fault not the thread's fault