Atlas Chinook Eggs

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Product Details

Atlas Chinook Eggs are carefully treated to retain its natural qualities such as color and texture so trout gobble them up. These eggs are soft enough to entice trout to bite, yet firm enough to stay on a hook when fishing in fast moving waters. They are great for both lake and stream fishing.

  • Natural color and soft texture
  • Will stay on your hook

Atlas Chinook Eggs are made in the U.S.A.

Ratings & Reviews

12 Reviews

A good change up

by -

These eggs hold on the hooks better than most other eggs. They look real and hide the hook well. A very good change up when the fish get picky in clear water.


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I tried these for the first time this year and LOVED them. They don't have the oil in the jar that the fake eggs have, which makes them A LOT less messy and easier to handle. I like the fact that I didn't see anyone else using these and I caught fish after fish once they were sick of seeing the same old baits over and over. Will definitely have these in my vest every year for trout season.

the egg that will never get awawy

by -

i used many brands of eggs and these are by far the best eggs i have ever used. and the ratio on my creel practically doubled. my daughter just caught a rainbow 24 1/2 inches 6.25 lbs. and she is only six. no need to say anymore.

the bait that never leaves me down.

by -

i am a faithful salmon eggs fisherman and i always used mike's salmon eggs in pink shrimp flavor and garlic and in white shrimp flavor. i always told myself if these were a little smaller close to the eggs that rainbows and browns let out on spawn season that it would be an attractive bait. i went to a contest and seen these jars on the shelf and ended up buying the whole case . at three contest my creel limit was outstanding and i landed pretty many big fish this year on these eggs. this is a bait that is productive in fast water and is by far a bait that i would never turn my back on.

Outstanding Rainbow Trout Bait.

by -

I love to fish Rainbow or in the U.S.A. they are Steelhead> I use to use Fresh roe and once i Couldn't get any so I bought Atlas Chinook Eggs well the short of the story is I haven't used anything else but Atlas Eggs. In my area the large department store or tackle shops would only carry a very limited supply of these eggs. once word got out they were the best bait. i could find them anywhere and if i did i would buy out every bottle. but now that i found FishUSA i will never run out again.