Angora Yarn (by the card)

Item No.: F10000
6 available colors
Fluorescent Chartreuse
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Yellow

Product Details

Product Details

Angora Yarn (by the card) is the finest 100% pure Angora rabbit yarn for fly tying. Imported from France, this yarn is pre-dyed by the manufacturer with a beautiful, consist quality. It is a "three ply" or three strand yarn. This material is the preferred yarn for fly patterns such as the Sucker Spawn.

  • Each package contains approx. 11 ft. of material
  • Imported

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helpful to get started

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Sitting here in Iraq, I figued I would take up a new hobby, like learning to tie flies. I'm just getting started and trying to purchase all of the supplies is a bit daunting when you are not really sure what exactly to buy, so I figured I would start small. This product was perfect becuase everywhere else I looked I cound only but it by the ball. Also they ship to APO so this is great for me.

the perfect egg pattern material

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This angora yarn is perfect for tying sucker spawn patterns. I like the way it breathes and unlike "poly" material, it sucks up water and gets down where I want it to be- in the strike zone.

great product

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just enought materal for novice fly tier

The best

by -

The Canary makes the perfect sucker spawn for the Sacramento river. Strip it down for smaller flies, double it up for larger flies. I think the fibers get stuck in the fishes mouth for a better hooking ratio.

awesome stuff

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awesome and very easy to use