Angora Yarn (by the card)

Item No.: F10000
6 available colors
Fluorescent Chartreuse
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Yellow

Product Details

Product Details

Angora Yarn (by the card) is the finest 100% pure Angora rabbit yarn for fly tying. Imported from France, this yarn is pre-dyed by the manufacturer with a beautiful, consist quality. It is a "three ply" or three strand yarn. This material is the preferred yarn for fly patterns such as the Sucker Spawn.

  • Each package contains approx. 11 ft. of material
  • Imported

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angora yarn

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Great stuff!

Really Great Angora

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I use angora as an accent yarn in knitting and crochet. I was happy to be able to buy a small amount, because otherwise I would have paid an extravagant sum of money for a full skein, and I would have had tons and tons left over. As it is, I bought plenty from you for this particular project without breaking the bank. The price was definitely right, and it works great on the crochet and knitting needles.

Rare find, good price

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In searching for true angora yarn, there aren't many places to find this required material for tying up suckerspawn flies without buying a whole skein. For using the few colors I do, buying whole skeins could be expensive. Just right!

Steelhead love this stuff

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Looks really good when wet. I use this for sucker spawn and blood dots. The yarn could be just a little more wider. But that is just my 2 cents

Outstanding for tying sucker spawns

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Have tied sizes 12, 14 & 16's using this product. Results have been outstanding. When wet they look exactly like a cluster of sucker eggs. Am looking forward to using them for fall steelheads up at Lake Erie.