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Rod & Reel Combos
Redington Crosswater Fly Fishing Outfit
Redington Crosswater Fly Fishing Ou...
The Redington Crosswater Fly Outfit is the complete set up for the beginning fly angler that will remain reliable as they learn. Engineered to be an affordable yet durable option, this all-water, medium-fast action rod is the perfect option for new fly anglers. This outfit comes with a Crosswater Reel prespooled with RIO Mainstream WF fly line and is housed safely in a cordura rod tube!
Eagle Claw Fish Skins Spinning Combo
Eagle Claw Fish Skins Spinning Combo
2 Models available
Eagle Claw Fish Skins Spinning Combos are perfect for trout fishing and feature exclusive Fish Skins paint jobs. Not only do the rods offer the perfect amount of performance and action you need while going after your favorite trout, you can show off your passion at the same time. The custom paint on Eagle Claw Fish Skins Spinning Combos are sure to set you apart from the competition. These are formulated to get you a great catch so you can continue to impress.
$47.99 - $52.99
$42.99 - $47.99
Eagle Claw Trailmaster Spinning Combo
Eagle Claw Trailmaster Spinning Combo
The Eagle Claw Trailmaster Spinning Combo features a 6'6" Trailmaster medium action spinning rod and a TCS200 Trailmaster spinning reel. The rod features an IM-7 Complex Composite blank that not only provides incredible performance, it is lightweight and built for a lifetime of use. The spinning reel features six ball bearings and a 5.2:1 gear ratio. Each Eagle Claw Trailmaster Spinning Combo includes a durable black travel case to protect you rod during transport and storage.

At a Glance: Combos

A combo is typically referring to a fishing rod and reel paired together by a manufacturer or retailer to offer a well-balanced and affordably priced setup for a specific fishing technique. Combos from retailers or bait shops may not offer both components from the same brand, but are usually paired with a specific species or tactic in mind. FishUSA offers combos for spinning, casting, spincasting, trolling, fly, centerpin and float, travel and pack, youth, and ice fishing. Some are pre-spooled with backing, line, and leaders while most combos have reels which are empty to allow the angler to spool them with their preferred fishing line.

Spinning combos are available in a wide variety of sizes for salmon and steelhead, trout, panfish, bass and catfish. Casting combos are paired for bass, catfish and striper. Spincasting combos are matched for small children and beginners, and typically are not designed for large fish. Trolling combos are well matched for most freshwater and saltwater species. Fly outfits are available from most brands and for most species. Fly combos are frequently sold with a travel tube to keep the reel and the rod together. Centerpin and float combos are perfectly balanced for this increasingly popular fishing tactic, most commonly used for salmon and steelhead. Travel and pack combos are spin, fly, or spincasting combinations and fit well in luggage for the angler on-the-go. Youth combos are great for the young angler to transition into adult sized rods and reels. Ice combos are rods and reels designed for the specialized needs of anglers who brave the harsh environments associated with ice fishing. This is the most diversified combo category, as it includes the trendy inline ice reels.

The top 5 brands of combos at FishUSA are Okuma, Shakespeare, Daiwa, Abu Garcia and Penn.