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Shop Our Growing Selection of Kayak Fishing Gear
Shop Our Growing Selection of Kayak Fishing Gear
Stealth Backer Plate
Stealth Backer Plate
The Stealth Backer Plate has a low profile and is constructed from heavy-duty composite. This plate adds reinforcement to rod mounts from underneath for additional strength and security. This is highly suggested to use with any application that uses dual pivots or extensions. The Stealth Backer Plate works well with the Stealth multi or flush mount rod holders.
YakAttack College Hoodie
YakAttack College Hoodie
Charcoal HeatherMilitary Green
The YakAttack College Hoodie is the perfect option to keep you warm on chilly fishing days or while you're at fall football game. This hoodie is made of a soft cotton/polyester blend and features YakAttack Est. 2009 on the front. Show off your love and loyalty of YakAttack with this attractive and cozy hoodie.
$29.99 - $37.99
$25.99 - $32.99
Stealth Multi-Mount Base
Stealth Multi-Mount Base
The Stealth Multi-Mount Base is constructed of heavy duty nylon making it super strong and weather resistant. Having additional mounting bases allow you to easily move rod holders without having to drill new holes in your boat or railing.
Stealth Flush Mount Base
Stealth Flush Mount Base
The Stealth Flush Mount Base is constructed of engineered nylon resin. This base offers a low-profile option for your rod holder. The Flush Mount Base provides a clean and sleek appearance. Get the best in durability and performance from Stealth rod holders and accessories.
RS Nets Yaker Landing Net
RS Nets Yaker Landing Net
The RS Nets Yaker Landing Net is a handy lightweight landing net useful for those who are kayaking or in any small craft! The Yaker features a rubberized net sized 12 by 16 inches long and another 16 inches deep making it perfect for landing everything from bluegill to trout. The RS Nets Yaker Landing Net comes with a handle measuring 14.5 inch in length and has a 1-inch netting.
Malone SteelTop Universal Cross Rail Roof Rack System
Malone SteelTop Universal Cross Rai...
The Malone SteelTop Universal Cross Rail Roof Rack System is a durable rail system made to attach most factory-installed raised side rails. These cross rails offer an affordable foundation for transporting roof boxes, ski carriers, kayaks, and bikes! For added peace of mind, keys are included for the rails to keep them secured and in place. The SteelTop Cross Rails come pre-assembled and are ready to install out of the box.
$119.99 - $139.99
$99.99 - $114.99

At a Glance: Kayak Fishing

Kayaks are narrow, highly maneuverable boats powered by a double-handled paddle and used by anglers and recreational boaters worldwide. Kayaks were originally developed by hunters in the arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient kayaks were made of seal skins stretched over a frame constructed from wood or whale bones, and were custom built by the hunter themselves based on their needs and family traditions. Kayaks take minimal effort to paddle due to their sleek profiles and lightweight construction, making them extremely efficient for arctic conditions. Inuit kayak designs would shield the paddler from bitter cold water by the enclosed decking, which would also provide some storage space for tools or trade goods. The sealed compartment and stable design also allowed for easy recovery if they flipped over. This was extremely important due to the frigid arctic waters they were used in. With kayaking having become widely popular across the globe, kayak designs have changed dramatically, while also retaining their lightweight and easy to maneuver traits.

FishUSA now offers fishing kayaks, which are designed from the water up for anglers and their equipment. These modern kayaks differ from the original hunting kayaks of the Arctic in many ways. Instead of stretching skins or other material over an internal frame, modern kayaks are roto-molded in durable plastics. Polyethylene resins are used to make a hard, hollow shell to support the angler, as well as a wide range of accessories, while also being a bit flexible and impact resistant. Modern fishing kayaks typically do not feature an enclosed compartment like their predecessors did. Due to the physical actions of paddling a low-profile boat while needing access to all equipment at a moment’s notice, the standard design referred to as “sit-on-top” is the preferred style for fishing kayaks. The angler sits on top of the hollow shell which is designed to be in contact with the lower back, legs and feet of the paddler to gain maneuverability while remaining stable. Built-in dry storage compartments and other features allow for storage of tackle, provisions and other items you would want to keep dry. Some fishing kayaks even have live bait compartments built right into the shell.

It seems as if the list of accessories available for the paddling angler is growing daily. While FishUSA offers paddles and life vests, other kayak fishing accessories are available to expand the capabilities for any angler. As kayak fishing grows in popularity, anglers are demanding more and more add-on equipment to enable them to target specific species with a wide variety of tactics. The built-in storage features are already present in the kayak, whereas rod holders, paddle and rod leashes, fish finder mounts, track systems with a myriad of components, deck rigging, and the ever-popular camera mounts are available from a number of manufacturers. The variety of mounts available allows the kayak angler to customize their boat for any number of conditions and tactics, with the ability to document the action from multiple action camera positions. Other kayak accessories include carts for safely hauling to and from a vehicle, kayak anchor kits and anchors, visibility flags, safety and rescue bags, and specialized nets. FishUSA offers everything an angler needs to paddle headlong into the increasingly popular and exciting world of kayak fishing.

FishUSA offers the top brands for fishing kayaks and kayak accessories such as Bonafide, Hobie, Bending Branches, Torqeedo, NRS, Anchor Wizard, YakGear, YakAttack, RAILBLAZA and Onyx Outdoors.