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Fly Fishing Gear
Fly Fishing Gear
Redington i.D Fly Reel Decal
Redington i.D Fly Reel Decal
33 Styles available
The Redington i.D Fly Reel Decal lets you add your own personal touch to you i.D Fly Reel. Decals are easily swapped, stacked, or removed to allow for multiple different styles on one reel! State flags, fish patterns, and unique designs help you express yourself while out on the stream! The i.D reel is sold separately.
Hareline Strung Guinea Feathers
Hareline Strung Guinea Feathers
2 Colors available
Hareline Strung Guinea Feathers feature a unique, natural speckled appearance that is great for tails and soft hackle type flies. Create beautiful steelhead patterns and streamers with these clean, quality, strung feathers. With a variety of colors available, Strung Guinea Feathers are perfect for any anglers personal taste.
Rooster Saddle Patches (Capes)
Rooster Saddle Patches (Capes)
Rooster saddles are a standard staple for tying palmered hackle bodies, wet and salmon fly collars, streamer wings and tails. These hackles all range from six to ten inches in length, with hook sizing from two through about ten. This a a great hackle for tying wooly buggers. Rooster Saddle Patches (Capes) are made in the U.S.A.
Bead Chain Eyes
Bead Chain Eyes
Bead Chain Eyes are used to tie patterns such as the Comet (a steelhead pattern) and the Crazy Charlie (a bone fish fly). To use the beads, you must cut the chain with wire cutters or very heavy scissors into two bead sections.
Angora Yarn (by the ball)
Angora Yarn (by the ball)
4 Colors available
Angora Yarn (by the ball) is the finest 100% pure Angora rabbit yarn for fly tying. Imported from France, this yarn is pre-dyed by the manufacturer with a beautiful, consist quality. It is a "three ply" or three strand yarn. This material is the preferred yarn for fly patterns such as the Sucker Spawn.