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Fenwick World Class Nylon Tippet
Fenwick World Class Nylon Tippet
Fenwick World Class Nylon Tippet is tough, abrasion resistance, and will stand up to extreme fresh and saltwater fishing conditions. The clear color allows this line to be almost invisible in the water to sneak up on the fish. The Fenwick World Class Nylon Tippet is constructed of a specialized co-polymer nylon formula to give anglers a line that has more give, strength, and low memory to make a powerful hook each time.
Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Leader Material
Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Lead...
Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Leader Material is the original high performance fluorocarbon tippet material. Developed with Seaguar's exclusive, proprietary double structure technology, Grand Max Fluorocarbon Leader Material is sensitive and soft. Double structure technology provides two different fluorocarbon resins, precisely extruded as one solid piece, for a fluorocarbon leader that offers both strength and sensitivity. As with all 100% Fluorocarbon products, Grand Max Fluorocarbon Leader M...
Seaguar Nylon Tippet
Seaguar Nylon Tippet
The Seaguar Nylon Tippet Material is designed to have the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. Made with a clear nylon, this material is soft and supple and also strong.
Seaguar Max Fluorocarbon Tippet
Seaguar Max Fluorocarbon Tippet
Seaguar Max Fluorocarbon Tippet Material is strong and made with 100% Seaguar fluorocarbon resins. This thin-diameter tippet material has superior tensile and knot strength. This tippet material is fast sinking, virtually invisible in the water, and has incredible abrasion resistance.
Cortland 333 Classic Saltwater Fly Line
Cortland 333 Classic Saltwater Fly ...
4 Sizes available
Cortland 333 Classic Saltwater Fly Line is an all-around versatile line suited for a wide range of fishing conditions and species. This line is constructed with a monofilament core and coated with a stiff PVC for easy casting, improved control, and exceptional presentation. Cortland 333 Classic Saltwater Floating Fly Line has been a favorite with fly fishers for over 50 years thanks to the long-belly taper, high floating, and weight-forward features.
Sufix Siege Performance Monofilament Line
Sufix Siege Performance Monofilamen...
Sufix Siege Performance Monofilament Line offers phenomenal casting distance and precision accuracy due its proprietary extrusion process. Sufix Siege provides up to 15X greater abrasion resistance over other lines currently available. This smooth, supple line handles beautifully yet is exceptionally strong and has incredible knot strength. The exclusive G2 Precision Winding virtually eliminates line memory, even on spinning reels.
$7.99 - $52.99
$6.79 - $47.99
DAM Tectan Superior Fluorocarbon Line
DAM Tectan Superior Fluorocarbon Line
DAM Tectan Superior Fluorocarbon Line is an ultra fast sinking line with almost the same refraction factor as water, making it practically invisible underwater. This line also features a near zero stretch and a super smooth surface with UV protection treatment. Tectan Superior Fluorocarbon Line offers a higher breaking strength, less memory, and splendid abrasion resistance. The smooth surface of the fluorocarbon allows knots to pull very tight and the line to glide through the water effortlessl...
$9.99 - $10.99
$8.49 - $9.49
Cortland Precision Trout Boss Fly Line - Closeout
Cortland Precision Trout Boss Fly L...
3 Sizes available
The Precision Trout Boss Fly Line is the ultimate trout line from Cortland featuring a completely new jacket material. The HDT (Heat Dissipation Technology) jacket material maintains peak performance even under the most rigorous fishing conditions. HDT ensures minimal friction with the rod guides allowing the line to stay cooler, improving false casting, line speed, and distance. The Cortland Precision Trout Boss Fly Lines are AFFTA compliant. These lines are 100 feet total in length with a uniq...
A-TOM-MIK Copper Wire Line
A-TOM-MIK Copper Wire Line
A-TOM-MIK Copper Wire Line is a popular trolling line with Great Lakes anglers looking to add stealth to their presentations. This line features an easy to handle, 7-strand design that is very soft and has great knot strength. A-TOM-MIK Copper Wire Line features an average sink rate of 22 feet for every 100 feet of line out at 2.2 mph. We stock A-TOM-MIK Copper Wire Line in 45 lb. test, in 300 ft. and 600 ft. filler spools. This line has natural copper finish. A-TOM-MIK Copper Wire Line is made ...

At a Glance: Fishing Line

Line is the general term for fishing line, which can come in many variations, all similarly designed to connect an angler to terminal tackle or lures and ultimately (hopefully), fish. Fishing lines were originally held by hand and thrown into the water. Eventually, we invented fishing tools to help cast, control and retrieve our lines. Most sportfishing lines are wound onto fishing reels attached to fishing rods which cast the line out and guide the line back onto the reel. The end of the line cast or released into the water can have lures and baits attached to attract and hook fish. Early lines were made of natural materials such as catgut and silk. Modern fishing lines are made from synthetic materials like nylon, Dacron, polyethylene and fluoropolymer PVDF, and have become highly specialized for use with modern fishing tackle.

Line can serve many purposes for an angler. Some lines are simply used as filler or backing on larger reels to fill up a spool to aid with casting distance and retrieval speed, or to provide additional length behind specialized lines such as fly lines. Backing can be relatively inexpensive and made of materials that are completely different than the mainline used for the actual cast and retrieve. Mainline is the fishing line typically found as the largest amount on a reel, which may or may not attach directly to the reel and lure, but is always deployed and retrieved. Lines can be colored to aid in better visibility for the angler to manage the line, while other lines are clear or colored in a way to make them invisible to fish. The strength of a line, or test, is measured at the breaking point of the line when pulled in opposing directions. The weight of a fish will not necessarily determine the test strength of line needed, as the line transfers energy to the rod and the drag of the reel will allow line to pull off as the pull from the fish increases. These factors allow an angler to use relatively light line for heavy fish. With all lines, the thickness will increase as the test strength increases. Lines available at FishUSA include monofilament, copolymer, braided & super, fluorocarbon, wire & lead core, ice lines, fly leaders and leaders & tippet. Line can be purchased in various spool lengths, ranging from 25 yard tippet spools up to 7,400-yard bulk spools and in test strengths of 1lb to 200lb tests.

Monofilament line is the oldest of the modern fishing lines. It is made of a single strand of nylon and is the most popular of mainlines due to it being the least expensive and most versatile. Copolymer lines are relatively newer and are made of two different types of nylon line combined, which stretches less than monofilament line and has even greater abrasion resistance than fluorocarbon. Fluorocarbon can be used as a mainline also, but due to cost, it is very often used as a leader or tippet material for its abrasion resistance and near invisibility in water. Braided and super lines are made of multiple strands of a certain material that have been braided, or fused, together to form thin, low-stretching lines of superior strength compared to all other castable fishing lines. Wire lines are single-strand or braided lines of copper or stainless steel designed for both strength and weight for deep water trolling. Leadcore lines are also weighted lines, but have a braided Dacron outer covering with a single strand of lead inside. These are much more manageable than wire lines but do not sink as fast. Ice lines can be monofilament, fluorocarbon, copolymer or braided lines designed to stay supple yet strong in cold water. Fly lines are designed to cast relatively light flies out to great distances with a precise location yet soft landing.

Some fishing tactics call for leaders or tippets, which are shorter pieces of line typically of much different strengths and material than the mainline. This is most widely associated with fly fishing, but applies to many other tactics. Monofilament mainline can gain invisibility and abrasion resistance with a short piece of fluorocarbon tied on as a leader. It is entirely possible to catch large fish with sharp teeth while using a light mainline if a wire leader is used. Many anglers use a heavier mainline and much lighter leader material for fish which are considered “line shy,” meaning they tend to not bite lures tied to heavy, visible lines. Wire and lead core lines need to have softer, less visible leaders tied on to allow lures to behave as designed and to entice fish to bite. Fly fishing uses tapered leaders to allow for the line to turn over and make a soft landing with the fly. The very end section of tapered leaders can easily be replaced with tippet material to extend the life and effectiveness of the leader. Both leaders and tippet can be made of monofilament, fluorocarbon and even wire.

The top five brands of fishing line at FishUSA are Seaguar, PowerPro, RIO, Berkley and P-Line.