ACME Rattlin' Spinmaster Spinner

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Item No.: F19933


The ACME Rattlin' Spinmaster Spinner propels spinning lure design through a flutter blade outfitted with a High Speed Accelerator and a proprietary six ball bearing rattle chamber that is activated by a rotating and pulsating cam. What you get is a spinning lure that sends vibrations and sound through the water to draw in fish near and far! The Rattlin' Spinmaster Spinner withstands repeated fish-poundings from a chrome-plated high carbon steel shaft. You'll soon understand why the lure needs to be strong after you start using the innovative ACME Rattlin' Spinmaster Spinner!

  • Inline spinner with innovative technology features
  • ABS body with high-detail fish-catching colors and patterns
  • Chrome-plated high-carbon steel shaft for durability
  • Hexagonal shape with patented spring drives pulsating action
  • Flutter blade propels rotation
  • High-speed accelerator
  • Patented built-in rattle chamber produces sound and vibration with six ball bearings
  • Lifelike feather with tinsel
  • Black nickel hook
  • Imitates live distressed baitfish with significant tail spin during retrieve
  • Entices a wide variety of game fish species
  • Qty. per Pack: 1


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