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13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rod - 2020 Model

Item No.: 128443

13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rod - 2020 Model Models

WMTH24ULSKU: 128443
24 in.
Handle Style
Ultra Light
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Product Details

The 13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rod is one of the coolest ice rods ever designed. This lightweight, balanced rod is constructed of 30-ton graphite for superior strength and maximum sensitivity. Other premium components include ALPS thin-wire, double-diamond, coated guides and a high-quality Portuguese cork handle. Choose from Evolve Engaged fixed reel seats or Tennessee-style handles for the perfect customized look and feel you need. From very light tips to heavier actions, 13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rods give you just what you need to catch a variety of fish.

  • ALPS thin-wire double-diamond coated guides
  • Hand-selected 5A Portuguese cork handle
  • Combines high-quality components and cutting-edge technologies
  • Evolve Engaged fixed reel seat on select models
  • Tennessee Hole Hopper on TS models
  • Tennessee-style handle on TH models

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews

Sensitive Tip

by -

Great rod overall, perfect for panfish.

has it's pro's and con's (WMTS37L)

by -

This is the flat tip. Personally, I wish I bought the WMTH38L with OUT the flat tip. This rod is not a rod you're going to feel the bite as well as a standard blank/tip. It's more of a visual type rod. I will catch fish with any rod, but I wanted a rod that was sensitive and somewhat soft tip. I personally do NOT like the flat tip. I would not buy another one however I don't dislike it to sell it. I'm sure it will have it's time and place. Currently i'm fishing perch with it works fine. I have many other rods that are for the "feel" fisherman, this is for the visual fisherman so maybe a guy that's looking to run 5mm 12 tungsten in deer water, I think even this 37 L would be a good rod, that flat tip folds over pretty good. For the guy fishing perch looking at a locator, looking at the rod, then the locator etc etc...I personally think you should run the regular NON flat tip as you'll feel more hits when not looking.

Awesome feel, BUT


Went fishing first time and it feels great caught several big crappies then set the hook on a fish that didn't move a 10 pound cat. the model I bought had the Evolve reel seat. When I set the hook the end of the reel seat broke off the back. Inside the reel seat there is a cigar sized fiber or graphite reel seat built in. The problem is it doesn't extend all the way to the back so if you put any pressure right on the back of the handle it will break. The cork is pretty thin were it covers the graphite reel seat. I put the end back on and used elec tape to hold it in place. it didn't hurt the actual reel seat but rather the cork butt is what broke. worked fine after that. the rod is amazing except for that. My advice would be to stay away from the Evolve Reel Seat poorly designed. I gave this a 2 rating aside from the reel seat it would have got a 5.

I know have 5 of these rods.

by -

I currently own the 37 inch L, The 32 inch ML, 32 inch M, the 27 inch UL, and the 27 inch UL tickle tip. All but the 37L have the evolve real seat. After using them both I like the reel seat better. It just seems to be a better feeling combo. I paired them all with the Pflueger Trion and I absolutely love them. I have 40 plus ice fishing rods and these 5, along with my 2 tuned up custom rods, are my favorites. I've tried just about every rod and this is the lineup of rods I would recommend. They are outstanding quality, extremely sensitive, and are without a doubt the highest quality mass produced rod on the market. I fish the M and the ML for walleye and big perch. The UL's are my crappie and bluegill rod and the 37 L can play either side of that spectrum. When perch and walleye fishing I'm generally using anything between 1/16 and 1/4 inch. The medium and medium light fit that bill perfectly. They also fish the # 2, 3, and 5 jigging raps well for me.