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13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle Ice Combo

Item No.: 171673

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RP2-25UL-LHSKU: 171673
25 in.
Ultra Light
Retrieval Hand
Gear Ratio
3 + 1
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This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

13 Fishing has been pushing the inline ice fishing world to new heights. They upped the bar with their innovative inline ice reels. The 13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle Ice Combo brings that innovation and matches it perfectly with a stylish and quality rod. The Radioactive Pickle Inline reel is a real workhorse of the industry. It gives you complete control over your line. Using the FreeFall Trigger, you can drop to your desired depth or put on an enticing presentation. The second the trigger is released, the pressure engages once again for flawless hook sets. The rod is made to match the vibrant color of the reel. However, that high-vis green is for more than just some rocking color; it also makes it easier for you to see any nibbles. When you go out on the ice, bring gear that sets the bar higher, with the 13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle Ice Combo!

  • FreeFall performance window
  • FreeFall drop lever
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Drop speed control
  • Soft touch handle knobs
  • High strength composite frame
  • PC2 flat tip blank construction
  • Hi-Vis tip
  • ALPS thin wire guides
  • High density Japanese split grip handle


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Previous negative review by another is not accurate description


All due respect, Mr. Staff who wrote a previous review for this rig must not understand or know that the little black turn switch on the back side if the reel (the one that says “DROP SPEED”) is used precisely to surplant the “backlash” issue he complains about. Honestly I don’t think in the 2 straight months of fishing the ice last year with 3 of these rigs all day long everyday did I once ever have an “over-travel” issue because I understood to set the drop speed adjustment. So NO Mr Staff you are completely wrong again, you don’t need to lower your line in increments at all! Pull the trigger and let it drop as fast as possible back down to that perch school and snag another, repeat....THE MAIN REASON I LOVE THIS REEL IS FOR THIS REASON, IT CAN BE DROPPED FASTER THAN SNOT AND CAN BE STOPPED ON A DIME BY SIMPLY RELEASING THE TRIGGER ALL WITHOUT ANY SPOOL OVER-TRAVEL

Best rod/reel combo ever. Period.


Mr Staff is correct about one important thing..... this is by far the best rod and reel combo I’ve ever bought and used. PERIOD. My go-to rod in upper MI for slaying the 12-14 inch yellow perch all day long. Super sensitive so no spring bobber is need while at the same time the toughness and spine on this little bugger easily pulled in bigger fish like whitefish, sucker, large mouth, walleye, and even a huge northern pike!

Great combo for price


Great pan fish rod. Take time dialing in drag, I wish it was a little most sensitive to adjustment but it works. Need to watch jig drop on sonar to prevent it from hitting bottom which will cause the line to continue to let out and eat nest at the spool. Not an issue if you are watching it. Drop speed adjustment works even with the smallest jigs. Drop speed and lever can really get you back down to the school of fish a lot faster than other rods.

Tickle rod/reel combo review


Reel takes a little getting used to. It will over travel and get the line to loosen on the spool and make a huge mess. So pay attention. Lower the jig in increments. Sensitivity of the rod is fantastic. Detection of bites is very good. Be carefeful with the tip. This rod is my small jig rod. I use tungsten jigs size 10, 3.5mm and 5mm sizes. I catch, perch, bluegill, and crappie with it. Largest fish caught was 13" perch. With the drag properly set it will catch bigger fish. It is my go to rod. Note: Most of my fishing is in water less than 20 ft deep.