13 Fishing Joy Stick Rabbit Ear Worm

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When it comes to bait, there are countless things anglers have tried over the decades, some are great, others not so much. One thing that has proven to be a fish favorite time and time again is the worm. Get the 13 Fishing Joy Stick Rabbit Ear Worm to bring the worm to a whole new level! This bait was molded with a wishbone fork design, giving it two large, heavy mass kicking tails. These tails create a thumping motion and kick up some serious vibrations that will have fish going crazy.

This worm is crafted with a tapered body style, helping it to flawlessly cut through the water and prevents it from getting tangled up on weeds. Fit to be used year-round, the Joy Stick is as versatile as the angler using it. Rig it any way you see fit. 13 Fishing infused this worm with their Donkey Sauce attractant to amp up the game another notch. Get ready to put a spin on a classic bait with the 13 Fishing Joy Stick Rabbit Ear Worm.

  • Molded with a wishbone fork
  • Two large kicking tails with heavy mass
  • Tapered body shape
  • Near limitless rigging options
  • Qty. per Pack: 5

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