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ZipVac The ZipVac Starter Kit is a revolutionary, resealable vacuum storage system that's perfectly designed for anglers, hunters, campers and boaters. The ZipVac Starter Kit features a cordless electric unit which allows you to seal in freshness while at home, in the field, on the boat, or back at camp. The electric vacuum can be recharged in any 110V outlet and with a full charge can seal over 150 bags. The ZipVac system allows you to control the amount of vacuum in each bag. Remove all air from meats and fish or avoid crushing delicate foods like bread.

Vacuum zip-seal bags feature ZipVac twist-lock valve technology which ensures freshness. The patented three-layer barrier film which is proven to keep oxygen away from food better than any other food storage bag - eliminates freezer burn. These bags can also be used to keep dry goods from moisture and to protect valuables from the elements.

The ZipVac Starter Kit includes the ZipVac cordless electric pump (rechargeable in 110V outlet) and 3 ZipVac one quart resealable vacuum storage bags.

We also stock additional bags for the ZipVac system.

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Review Summary
(12 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.83%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (7), Professional (3)
Functional (9)
Easy To Use (8)
Easy To Maintain (6)
Durable (4)
Best Uses
Traveling (8)
Fresh Water (7)
Salt Water (5)
Ice Fishing (3)

Customer Reviews
Upstate NY
 Works as advertised
Comments: Doesn't have a ton of power but doesn't seem to need it. Get's the air out of the bags and everything keeps great.
Alexander Gurman
Brooklyn ny
Professional Angler
 Alexander Gurman approved
Pros: Functional
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Traveling
Comments: my wife likes it
SW Florida
 ZipVac Starter Kit Portable Food Storage
Pros: Durable, Functional, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Traveling, Salt Water, Fresh Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: I could kick myself for not buying this product sooner. Beats filling freezer bag with water(old trick) to keep fish from getting freezer burn. This product goes and works anywhere.
 Zip Vac
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling
Comments: Both electric and hand pump work well.
 Dynamite comes in small packages
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Salt Water, Traveling, Fresh Water
Comments: Sealing fish and deer meat. Have only used a few times. Works great so far. Need big bags for traveling .
South Louisiana...Sportsman's Paradise
 I'm 100% Hooked On This Product
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling, Salt Water
Comments: I buy fresh shrimp in bulk and freeze them using the Zip Vac Storage system and they keep as fresh as the day they were caught.
Windsor Colorado
 ZipVac Starter Kit Portable Food Storage
Best Uses: Traveling
Comments: It is great for taking fishing trips because it is so easy to pack and you always have the ability to vacuum pack you fish to preserve the freshness.
Sugar Land, TX
 Neat Idea, but not worth the cost
Pros: Functional
Cons: Difficult To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water, Salt Water, Traveling
Comments: I liked the concept when I saw it advertised, but the electric pump is just too unwieldly and unnecessary. The manual pump does the job just fine. Ziploc is now offering something like this. However, if you are bagging more than 10 or 20 lbs. worth of meat, then the electric pump may be for you. If you're looking to store two or three bags worth of meat, the manual pump works great, and it's much easier to clean. Also when using this product, be sure to keep the valve in contact with the opposing side of the bag so the liquid can make a temporary seal while you're closing the valve. Not doing so caused me some frustration. Another problem, when charging the electric pump, the indicator light turns green after a few minutes. Don't be fooled. You'll only get a bag or two worth of charge from it. It need to stay on the outlet for at least five hours. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of charging devices these days, you have to take it off after twelve hours or it becomes unsafe. I can't see myself actually using it from now on.
Big Joe
Northern Wisconsin
Great for marinating
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use
Comments: I have used the Zip Vac vacuum system to marinate meats and fish before cooking. By placing the marinade and food under vacuum seems to improve the marinating process which means tastier food with better texture. It is easy to use. I also use the Zip Vac system to store leftover food. I have also packaged water sensitive items under vacuum for storage.
FishUSA Staff
Erie, Pa
Professional Angler
Excellent Product
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling, Ice Fishing, Salt Water
Comments: Great price when compared to other vaccum seal systems. Completely Portable. Hand Pump included.Resealable and reusable bags.
Northern New York State
 Zip Vac gets 5 star rating
Pros: Durable, Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I have several Zip Vac bags of walleye and perch fillets in my freezer. This product is just great, no more freezer burn. I will be using it again and again.
Professional Angler
 Great product easy to use.....
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Durable, Easy To Use, Functional
Comments: Finally a price point where I would purchase this type of product. Works like the $250 models and you can use the bags over and over. Good quality too.
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