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Women in Waders 2013 Calendar

It's what you think - a 2013 calendar featuring women in waders! Twelve months of beautiful women, lithographed in full color, and opening to a wall size of 12" by 24". This calendar looks great at home or camp. It also makes an impressive gift for your angling friends.

Each month of the calendar includes large and small photos, holidays, and moon phases.

Women in Waders 2013

Your buddy never looked this good in waders!

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Easy To Use (5)
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Customer Reviews
 Pa Fisherman
Pros: nice calendar
Comments: Purchased this for my brother for Christmas
 Great Calendar Great Service
Comments: Great
 Women In Waders Calendar
Comments: This calendar makes a great gift for the man in the family. I always buy two for Christmas so my husband can give one away. It makes my husband smile and a smiling husband is a happy husband.
Alpena, MI
 AAAAAwesome Calendar
Comments: Hey Guys, I love Women in Waders Calendars for the past Ten Years since I got rid of my second Ex-wife and leanred how to fly fish from locals from Idaho and Utah I knew working in Las vegas, NV for 7 years. Ladies in bikini's and waders, holding an awesome raindbow, brooke, or steely!! or even a transpalanted stripped bass out of the chesebeke bay caught in the Colorado below hoover dam or in the snake river northern Nevada and Idaho. You guys ROCK!!!
Funny Gift
Comments: Bought last years for my friends for a Christmas present as a gag gift. After they opened them up we immediatly noticed how dead the fish were. They looked they had been left on a stringer for a few days and then thrown into a freezer for a few months. We then noticed that there might have been 2 atractive women thats about it. Good gag gift, but I heard Fish n Chix is where it's at.....
Big Bruce
 Such a pity!
Pros: Good Idea
Cons: Quality going down hill
Comments: I have bought the Women in Waders Calendar for a number of years. It used to have nice looking young women in bikinis and sometimes with real fish and even fly rods. Unfortunately, it has gotten worse in the last couple of years - the women are not as good looking and sometimes ugly, they are sometimes just wearing their underwear, and the dead fish look like they have been dragged out of the freezer again for another picture. Get back to the quality of the ealier years!
Hampton, VA
Professional Angler
 Very nice calendar, i'm glad! thanks!
Pros: Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Very nice product.
 Best cover yet, otherwise average
Comments: Terrific front cover. But otherwise, the girls are rather ordinary. A couple of repeat models from previous years, and not my favorites at that. I wish more of the women were sporting fly fishing gear.
 whats not to like,lol
Pros: Functional
Comments: good to look at
las vegas, nv
seems fisherman reel em in
Pros: Look at those legs now, Easy To Use, Green or camo make my day
Cons: Difficult To Use, Up or down
Best Uses: Fresh Water, My rod is very useful, Salt Water
Comments: the calender is actually classy....i cant help but wonder if they really caught the fish....but it is impressive that they will hold them and with a smile and dressed to the please give me 12 more of them next year...i am hooked...ohhhh everyone i showed it to... well... its like ditto...give us more women
Comments: GOTTA GET MORE !!
Tinley Park, IL
 Great Gift
Pros: Functional
Best Uses: Inspirational
Comments: Very well received and a good conversation piece.
Woman without waders
Alberta, Canada
 Women not to thrilled with fish in 2010
Pros: Good conversation piece, Boyfriend loved it
Best Uses: Garage, Philosophical Debate
Comments: Gave this calendar to my boyfriend cause he thought women in waders holding fish was the best! Even better when they had a bit of fish guts on them. I really like that they have figures and are not obnoxiously thin. His 2009 calendar was awesome - some of the women in the 2010 calendar didn't put on as good a show - they look rather mollified to be holding fish so it's harder for him to convince me they actually like fishing. Otherwise, still a great calendar - hopefully next year the women will look more interested in the fish.
 it was ok
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Comments: nice bodies, ugly faces. I guess most men dont look at faces though, but either way i was disappointed by the snaggle tooth and what not.
Spokane, WA
 Very Nice =)
Pros: Functional
Comments: Great product, girls look nice =)
On the fly
New Salem, MA
 Not their best
Comments: I've been an avid Women in Waders user for 5 - 6 years. I have to say, the women have seen better years. Not as cute or sexy as in past years. And the best one is holding a fish that's streaming blood. Doesn't really put me in the mood. Still, better than no women & waders at all this year.
Fisherman Bob
Chagrin Falls Ohio
 I purchased women in waders
Comments: I have purchased Women In Waders for several year this year I found Fish USA to have the best price so I bought from you instead of the place that I have bought before.
Salida, CA
Best Christmas Gift for your man!!!
Comments: I have been getting this calendar for the fishermen in my life and they all love it!!! Great Christmas gift for your spouse, boyfriend,brother or uncle.
Mtn View, AR
 This is my 3rd year for this calendar
Pros: Pretty fish, Sporting, Nice views of rivers
Cons: Year goes by too quick, Months go to quickly
Best Uses: At my fishing cabin
Comments: I hope I'm around to get many more. It's hard not to peek at next month.
Salmon Fisher
Vancouver, WA
 This is a wondeful Calendar
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This is just a great calendar. One thing that would make it better is a few cooking tips on some of the pages.
Jimmy K
 Just don't see many of these out fishing
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional
Comments: I hang it in the laundry room. Whenever I go in there I can decide if its a good day for fishing or not.
Pittsburgh, PA
 Move Over Sports Illustrated Swimwear!
Comments: This is a Christmas present for my husband and I know he'll love it. Have no doubt it will reside in a special place in the "smoker" area of his basement man cave. Quality is better than I expected. Unique Christmas present and I would recommend!
Jezza the angler
NE Indiana
 Makes a fine gift for the sportsman
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: The only drawback is that there are too few months in a year, really 12 seems too few. This is a production of quality and beautiful fish. Keep up the good work.
Citrus Heights, Calif
highlight of the year present
Pros: Functional
Comments: Send this to my Steel Head fishing buddy every year. Being over sixty and single it adds to his refrigerator decor ???
Chula Vista, Ca
a calendar for the ages or aged
Pros: Functional, Conversational
Cons: Women take a dim view
Best Uses: Fish camp
Comments: I give this every year to my fishn buddies and now they look forward to it annually. THEY EXPECT IT. Comments on the phone would typically be, "Have you sent my wader girl calendar yet" So you know they enjoy it!
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