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If you fish with snelled hooks and you have a tackle box full of twisted and knotted snells that snag every time you open it, then the Wishbone Tackle Snelled Hook Holster is for you. With the Hook Holster, you can keep all of your snelled hooks together, organized in a neat, easy to handle package.

The Wishbone Tackle Snelled Hook Holster is a solid plastic unit with rubberized pads built in on both sides. The top end has twenty "teeth" that hold the loop of snelled hooks. After the loop is in place, simply pull the hook down and insert the hook point into the rubberized pad. It's that simple and it will keep your tackle box organized.

Wishbone Tackle Hook Holster works best with snelled hooks six to ten inches in length. Longer snells can be wrapped around the Hook Holster and hooked into place.

As a bonus, the Wishbone Tackle Hook Holster features a built in ruler, one side has inches, the other side has centimeters. Instructions for tying clinch knots, snells, and crappie rigs are also included on the Hook Holster.

The Wishbone Tackle Hook Holster is made in the U.S.A.


Wishbone Tackle Hook Holster
Hook Holster103
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Customer Reviews
United States
 contains loose snelled hooks
Pros: right size
Cons: hard to hook in rubber material
Best Uses: loose hooks
Comments: good organizer
Poquoson, Va
 It is a good start
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain
Cons: Difficult To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Small aberdeen hooks are hard to insert and I wonder how long the rubber pads will last.
Comments: Won't work for crawler harnesses. I don't even think it would work properly for a snelled hook holder...just cheap-o.
Captain Phil
Erie, PA
Professional Angler
Great for Crawler Harness storage
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: This product holds my perch hooks and crawler harnesses with ease. The compact profile of the product allows for easy storage and retrieval.
Madison, Wisconsin
Outstanding Product
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: Outstanding product. Holds rigged hooks or jig securely. If you put hooks or jigs at an angle it is very compact. I put a piece of cardboard between them and store them compactly in plastic trays.
perch slayer
Toledo, Ohio
Why didn't I think of it!
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use, Durable, Saves money and time
Best Uses: Salt Water, Ice Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: It's so simple and easy to use. Finally an alternative to that spring loaded device. It can hold wire harnesses and a bunch of other stuff. For the price its a no brainer!
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