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Wave Worm 5" Tiki Sticks

Discount Off All Remaining Wave Worm 5" Tiki Sticks! Regular Price $3.95, Now $3.35! Supplies Are Limited. If one of these items show out of stock in your basket please remove it or it will be removed from your order and the total will be adjusted. Thank you.

The Wave Worm 5" Tiki Sticks feature a slower fall rate than other comparable soft stickbaits, as well as less tail movement. These features give the Wave Worm 5" Tiki Sticks a straighter more horizontal fall. The Tiki Sticks feature incredible durability while still offering great movement. When rigged weightless wacky style these soft stickbaits offer exceptional movement. The slower more horizontal fall give fish a little more time to check these fine baits out before they inhale them.

The Wave Worm 5" Tiki Stick are available in colors shown below. Each package contains 10 baits.

Black (TS126)Black Blue Flake (TS013)
Baby Bass Prl.
Swirl (TS062)
Black Blue Flake

Blue Gill (TS101)Green Pumpkin (TS012)
Blue Gill
Green Pumpkin

Green Pumpkin Chart. Tip (TS039)June Bug (TS010)
Green Pumpkin Chart.
Tip (TS039)
June Bug

Laminate Green Pumpkin Chart (TS091)Laminate Red Shad (TS098)Peanut Butter-Jelly (TS102)
Lam. Green Pumpkin Chart.
Lam. Red Shad
Peanut Butter-Jelly

Pumpkin Chart. Tip (TS041)Watermelon/Blk Flk Chart Tip (TS034)Watermelon Gold Flake (TS116)
Pumpkin Chart. Tip
Watermelon/Blk Flk Chart
Tip (TS034)
Watermelon Gold Flake

Watermelon Red Flake (TS022)
Watermelon Red Flake


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